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    In less than 48 hours, my housemate leaves. I wont live with her again. We have gotten quite close over the last 2 years and she has been one of my rocks through uni. I hate change. And for her to leave it is going to hurt alot.

    Tomorrow is the last nite. I asked if she would come to the pub with me and my other housemates and she was up for it as long as we dont go out out. But now she has seemingly had a better offer and is hesitant about coming out with us. I wonder who she will choose - her loyal housemates of 2-3years, or her other friends she met this year, she knows she will be seeing over the summer and who she has spent the most time with this week? Inlcuding bringing them to nites that were meant to be just us. Tough choice huh?

    I hate being this way and making her out to be horrible, but to me there would be no contest. I was there for all through her exams and the stress and everything. And now I'm forgotten. We are forgotten. For her better friends.
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    Hey, I know the feeling all too well. My best mate who's my housemate and I've lived with for 2 years now (and have known since we were 10), is also moving out and has no time for me anymore, cos of another person she's met only last year. So I can relate to what you're going through :hug:

    I know it's tough, but I suggest talking to her. Tell her you feel 'neglected' (if that's the right word). I know it's hard and you don't want to make her out to be horrible, but in the end being honest with her is the best option.
    I did that just yesterday, told her how I felt as if I was only 'good enough' for her when the other person isn't around.
    If you tell her that, she then can see what she does about it. Either she will make more time for you, or she won't, which can tell you a lot about her, even though it might hurt you.

    :hug: Whatever path you choose in this situation, I hope you'll feel better about it soon :hug:
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    I could have told her but I know I would have regretted it, I can't make her choose or put her in a position that would make things difficult. We went to the pub last nite and some of her friends came a long as well. It was a bit diificult, but at the end of the day it was her last nite here, and she should be able to spend it how she wishes.

    I made her a photo album and wrote her a letter, saying how much I have appreciated her over the past 2 years and how she has been one of my rocks at uni, which she has - second to none. Without her I wouldnt have completed my degree. It was something I was unsure of writing, but I know I would have regretted it if I didn't do it. I wrapped it up with the album, and also gave her some of my beads that I have been wearing over the last few weeks which I know she liked. I left it outside her room at about 4 this morning.

    I woke up at 7.30 to find a book outside my door. It is a journal she got before she came to uni that she never got around to using. She said I am to use it to continue our "landing" chats - something we have done alot this year as our rooms were oppposite each other.

    It was more than I could ever have asked for. Something so personal and a letter inside with words that have touched my heart and remind me that although this is the end of one chapter, it is also the beginning of another. She told me how I am not alone in this next step of life - that I am taking it with her and my other housemate who we are both close to. It reminds me that I am not the only one terrified of the future!

    And it reminds me, that hopefully, this is not the end of our friendship.

    She is all packed and ready to go. Just waiting for her dad to come to help her move out. A few hours from now and inneviatable end of uni has finally started. Roll on the tears - I can guarantee there are going to be lots!
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    She left about an hour ago. We were all determined to try and not cry. My housemate started, then I went and suddenly all 4 of us were in tears. Proper crying. She had to run out the house before she broke down completely. Its over. Despite us wanting to, life will no doubt take a different course and we wont live together ever again.
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    :hug: :hug: Many big hugs for you. It's tough, innit. :hug:
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    Very. Me and my other housemates have spent the day reminding ourselves her - by the things she says, things she likes etc. It's like we are grieving - but she is alive!!
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    I will hope it gets easier. But at the moment - packing - is hard. I cant bring myself to take down the photos in our kitchen. In a week, it is all over for good. I love these people so much