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let it be...

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Please just let me be.
Let me sleep
Let me live,
Let me be
Let these things that haunt me leave

I want so bad to feel ok all the time. It just hits me when I'm in a good or ok mood.. all of a suddent its like a switch was flipped

They dont leave... usually. You dont forget them.... usually. But you do learn to replace bad memories with good ones when they haunt you. :hug:

Hope you're feeling better hun.

Thanks for the reply TDM :hug: that means a lot that you replied

Feeling better about that.. I guess...

It's the whole thanksgiving coming up.. it's freaking me out

I dont' do holidays well at all unfortunately.. and it's that time of year where there's a whole lot of them bunched together in a short span of time of course......

Sure it'll be fine...
:dry: Thanksgiving... glad I dont have it here... I dont really like the holiday season either... has mixed feelings for pretty much everyone.

Look after yourself. :hug:



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Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years are wonderful events to celebrate really. I love all the food!!

The only ones that enjoy holidays:
The wealthy
The children
The ones in denial (or la la land)
The functional (??) families

I loved the holidays at my grandmothers with the wonderful smells of her kitchen and joking with my aunt, laughter of my nephew....later talking to my sis-in-laws over coffee, playing cards with my mother-in-law and husband. Now, it's gone. S*** Jess is right, memories are bad things!!!
I used to love the holidays. Good food. Good people. Everyone could set things aside for the holidays. Any disagreements, problems.. anything would be put aside, swept under the carpet until the holidays were over at least. Then the time came where the holidays didn't even matte.. I didn't, the holidays didnt. no matter how much I cried or begged them to just be happy for me.. just for the holidays.... it all came crashing down.

Now.. I dont know where 'I'm going, who I'll see... what fight or issues will arise this year. It's always something... Will I be able to handle it?
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