let me breathe

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  1. for just one second
    without seeing everything that hurts me.
    i can only sort out what will let me...
    so why wont you give me the chance?

    i dont want to say the things i say
    i dont want to have to hurt you.. just for you to see..
    i wished you'd listen to me..
    just one time... listen to me...
    and not bring other people in to it...

    for one time.. i wish you'd exclude everything else
    and just focus on what im asking you..
    i wish you'd give me the chance to explain.
    i wish you'd listen to me like you listen back then..

    i wish you'd make me smile like you did back then.
    i wish you'd hug me like you did back then..
    i wish you'd remeber... outside my house..
    at my party... when we sat talking...
    just how good it felt..
    Just how calm things were

    I wish it was back then..
    Because maybe things would have been different
    im trying to smile and hold on..
    but you seem to push me so far that i dont even know my name anymore.

    it hurts me when you do these things
    i hate hearing her name..
    but i dont say anything...
    you can say what you want..
    but just because you can.
    it doesnt mean it doesnt effect me..
    it doesnt mean it doesnt hurt me..
    it doesnt mean i dont want to tell you to shut up
    when you constantly mention her..

    i wish you'd bare that in mind.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.