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Let me die not her

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Has anyone seen noplacetogo please.
I'm such a freak. I told her I was going to kill myself ages ago. But she made me want to stop. But I couldnt get better, so I decided to just get ill from pills and have people take me to hospital so I didnt have to tell them personally what was wrong with me, so we could be together in a few months when the doctors told me my problems could be fixed. She wrote me a mail, she thinks i'm dead, she hates me and I dont blame her. I cant get in touch with her. I just want to know if she is alright. If anyone should speak to her just tell her I never meant to hurt her, I was just mental and all caught up in it, I was only thinking of myself like the bastard I am.
I should have just taken the rest of the pills


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i could never hate you. im really sorry for making you worry about me and im really sorry for being so selfish. please take care of yourself if you can. i will be fine. goodbye h2osmack.
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