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So lots of times i have seen threads about asking members things and ive found it makes it easier to start a conversation and to get to know people better so i thought id start one too!! so heres how it works im going to write some fun and not so fun facts about me and if you feel like it join in so here goes......

The most important people in my world are my children
I have been married for 12 years and im only 31!
I have a guineapig (allegedly for the kids but i love her to bits)
I love the coulour green
I used to smoke but quit
I used to take recreational drugs but not recreationally!
I grew up in foster care from the age of 4 to 17 and had 13 different placements in 4 years
I have lived through sexual abuse
I have lived through emotional abuse
There is a family history of mental illness
I LOVE chicken ! i could eat it every day
My guilty pleasure is macdonalds cheeseburgers
I have done something i could have got arrested for
I have my nose peirced but can never be bothered to wear a stud
I am a neat freak but it goes to the wall on bad days
I could have done really well at school but i didnt because there was no one to make me go ! lol naughty girl
I was once refused water for two days as a punishment for getting soap on the taps
I am probably the most annoying person i know
I once got hit by a car
I would really like to know you all better

now its your turn tell me about you .......:sheep2:
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I think I might have started wetting my bed,either that or I have a really sweaty groin.
But you don't need to know that.

I have cried in the presence of clowns.

Can't think of anymore. :)


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My fav animal is a crow and flamingo.
I've never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy before.
And that's important to me.
I want to get married and have 4-5 kids someday.
My sister is 3 years older than me but I know her about
as well as I know the president. And she can't be trusted.
My dad is 72.
And I just became 21.
I really love rice and cook it all the time.
I'm 22, but feel about 82
I have no family, and very few friends
I love tomato pasta, and could eat it forever, alongside curry
I also have my nose pierced but rarely wear a stud
I have two tattoos and want a third
I crave acceptance, love and loyalty
My favourite colour is red
I am a smoker and have been for 10 years
I love alcohol, especially vodka, and probably drink too much, too often
I cut, and the scars on my body are a constant reminder
I feel repulsive, and vile, and unloveable all of the time
I'm most probably the messiest person known to man, but I just have no motivation
I live alone, and have done for 4 years
I'm forced to see mental health workers although I'd rather not
My favourite film is the hangover
I like all music except classical, opera and country


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Im 33 and feel old
I have 2 children
Im married, have been since I was 17
I love to be outdoors hiking and camping
I suffer from bipolar and depression with a side of anxiety
I had a horrible childhood
I like all music depending on mood
My favorite thing in this world is the sun, it makes me feel alive
I like to play video games
Im not a girly girl, dont wear makeup and hate fingernail polish
Love to take long hot showers
Love to wear flipflops
Like the sound of walking on leaves
Want to move to Florida
I have anger issues
Only have friends here on SF
smoke (cigg and weed) have since I was 14
Favorite color changes often
cant touch my toes
tired of working, want to win lottery
bored with life
42, divorced.
1 boy 1 girl (my world)
Red wine and single malt islay whisky, with respect if i can.
Roll-ups (both kinds) with respect when i can.
Student special educational needs teaching assistant i specialise in behavioural and neglect issues.
Vegetarian 26 years, vegan for 12 of them.
Prehistoric times and caves a real love.
Green fav colour.
Self-Isolation specialist.
The sea.
Walking in the woods with the sunlight streaming through.
People watching.
Talking crap with someone special (damn)
This forum and all it has to offer.
I have skilled hands.
I can jump six stairs height.
I am bordering on the weight of obesity.
Sometimes I possess the unaided vision of a hawk.
I have never in my life climbed all the way to the top of a ladder.
I hate flies and wasps but feel a sense of compassion for bees.
I have strange adrenal glands that turn me from an effeminate good time boy into a raging Norseman when combat calls my name.

I try to use humor as a defense mechanism because i am terrified someone will catch a glimpse into my soul and as a result we would both end up being destroyed by a vengeful prehistoric wind.

I try to use humor.

I appreciate the post originator for giving me this untaken chance to be real.
I'm 22, 23 in july! (dont forget this year SF!)
I have family, but none that fall into teh definition of family. and one friend, and my partner.
Been with my partner 7years now, apart from one significant break up.
I can eat pretty much anything apart from mushroom. HATE it
I am doing an art course, and will be doing Illustration next year.
My career choice is to be a tattoo artist, I have had an aprenticeship already but had to leave as per my mental state, and I'm getting slowly back into teh old studio i worked at before.
I want a body suit eventually, have 7 tattoos so far, my smallest took 4hours haha. :wink:
I have my ears stretched to 16mm right now.
I am paranoid to teh hilt; everyone lies and i wait for people to trip up.
My favourite colour is PINK
I dont smoke, i dirnk but onlu occasionally, but i drink like a fish when i do.
I drink nearly everything apart from beer and larger. hate them :yuk:
I have had 4 serious atempts, by serious i mean doctors were shocked that my kidneys didnt fail, even though i wasnt uncocious or hospotalised for the attpemts.
I've been told im dealing with bipolar and BPD, but I am unmedicated.
I'm starting to become very possitive, no idea why, but im hoping it doesnt fade
I messy but organised haha. but dirt makes me gag. and dont even start on mould!! ieshfiwfe :puke:
I got kicked out when i was 17, had to move back at 20 and now back on my own since 2montsh after my 22nd bday. dont ever want to live with parent again.
I love all types of films, and will watch anythign if anyone gives me reason to.
I seem to be fairly diverse, i mix with all types of people, and i love everyone. I generally am eithe ron the hard rock/metal scene, or teh gay scene hahahah
Oh and, i would class myself as a lesbian. BUT my partner is a guy, becuase i love and trust him. but i yern and fancy women only, men dont do it for me.

Walking contridiction! :biggrin:
I am 37.
In October I will be a grandfather.
I was a lousy father and worse husband.
I was a lousy son.
I love mushrooms.
Beer now tastes horrible.
I bear the scars of my self harm, some of which are readily visible.
I sometimes tell the truth about my scars when asked.
I can't stand TV.
I am addicted to Internet porn.
I collect stamps.
I build plastic model car kits.
I love Bundaberg Ginger Beer.
I am a self managing alcoholic, in control for over a decade.
I quit smoking over a decade ago.
I hate the stench of cigarette smoke.
I like to be in small spaces, with minimal decoration.
I once rode a pushbike from Adelaide to Alice Springs.
I consider myself to be morbidly obese.
I am probably moderately overweight.
The colour blue does it for me.
I mostly wear black.
I consider all religion to be a form of mental illness.
I am developing my own religion, and it scares the crap out of me.
When I studied Formal Logic at Uni, I scored 100% for the course.
I couldn't be bothered finishing a degree.
Misuse of the apostrophe disturbs me.
I sometimes invent words.
Avatar was garbage, even worse than Titanic.
I think James Cameron is a great film maker.
I avoid conflict.
I have killed several feral dogs with my hands and feet.
I love rainbows.
I love thunderstorms.
I love hotrods.
I own a new Toyota Hilux.
I hate the beach.
I died at a beach when I was five.
Two off duty life savers 'brought me back'.
I am still grateful for that.

I am still grateful for that.

i'm 45 but feel 25
i'm a photographer. it's my true passion
i used to be a librarian
i'm canadian, but was born in england
i read a lot
i love bluegrass music
i also love the clash
i have a cat, oreo
i love him
i'm bipolar
i also self harm
i go to therapy twice a week
i was sexually abused as a young child. it started when i was three
i used to be into s/m, see above
i am also addicted to internet porn, which i know is rare for a woman, but see above x 2
i have many great friends. they always come and visit when i have to be hospitalized for my suicidal thoughts
i drink a lot of diet coke
i'm mostly vegetarian, wish i was vegan but i really love cheese
i do volunteer work for a glbtq rights organization
i'm really messy. there's always a mountain of dishes in my sink
no kids
no relationship currently
two amazing nephews
SF has saved my life, more than once


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Thankyou everyone for so many great replies. This was not just a throw away comment that i thought up when i was bored..i really wanted for us to know each other better the good and the bad and just so you know that the time you took to answer wasnt wasted or went unread id like to say thankyou to you all .....ino its a bit corny but hey im sentimental in my old age so please take two minutes to read below and thankyou again

me myself and i thankyou for starting off the replies to my thread and for finding the courage to share even though you werent feeling up to it and for giving me a friend when i had thought i would never find one
NoMoneyToPlease Thankyou for sharing about your sweaty groin :) and for your sense of humour and for coming back telling me something about you. i too joke when i want to run and hide
ForeverForgotten thankyou for sharing your values with us and congratulations on turning 21 !
Lostbutnotfound thankyou for opening up to me a complete stranger and trusting me with your feelings you are not and never will be unloveable
doityourself Thankyou for giving me an insight into who you are we have much in common and i cant touch my toes either !
wheresmysheep thankyou for being so open and telling me about your hopes for the future i also hope that you continue to feel positive
Orbitalpoet Thankyou for sharing all of yourself and not just the things you are proud of.
Dazzle Thankyou for drinking alot of diet coke i now dont feel like im the only one who does that XD on a serious note thankyou for sharing a piece of your life with me

much love sarah xx
i used to be a librarian
i'm mostly vegetarian, wish i was vegan but i really love cheese
Dazzle, our kinky librarian :wink:

And cheese is from teh gods, you cant give it up. Its cheese

-----------To be added onto my own, for the more gritty back ground if people want to know-------------

I used to self harm, started when i was 15, last time i cut i was 21. I think I hurt myself so i physically feel the mental anguish I go through.
I was very precise and uniform when I cut myself, it had to be neat.
I'm currently getting my scars covered with a foo lion on my inner calfs.
i was almost molested by my farther, I woke and stopped him somehow. I was 14.
I was raped, by a stranger, in greece, on my first holiday abroad. I saw him the first day, he unnerved me, i told my mum, but she still invtied him to stay with us a week later. I was 16.
I am into s&m. I only feel safe enough with my partner to do it tho.
I have been diagnosed as a sex addict. Fits with my mental health diagnosis; bi polar.
I get left feeling empty when i sleep with someone else who isnt my partner.
And i regret every person I've slept with instead of him.
I have a cat, she's called baby cakes. She's 4 in may.
I've started drinking energy drinks alot.
I dont like meat, but i still eat it.
I prefer vegatables.
I would LOVE to have a hand in changing the mental health profession. To teach them what its actually like to want to take your life. Because they dont know.
I love sf, and i wish i could do teh impossible and help all of you.

OH! im also dyslexic :)

And yes i used dazzles as a template :wub: you dazzle
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Yep, Sheep has a point, so here goes.

I have been sexually abused by two men in my childhood, one is dead, by the time i finish with the other in the courts he will wish he was too.
When i was 15 i nearly killed myself.
I carry immense guilt over my behaviour in my marriage.
I have no family alive other than an estranged sister and my children.
I live in a place i dont want to be, i have one friend irl here, but remain for the kids.
I isolate terribly.
I completely started again at 39, completely, with no money or support.
Without this forum i would have died.
Okay.. some more rambling info lol..

I hate spiders.. and snakes.. and anything creepy crawly
I've been forced into adult psych hospitals a few times
I went to an adolescent psych hosp for 3 years
I was in care for 4 years, and ended up being in 10 placements in 9 months
My first suicide attempt was when I was 13
I first started SH when I was 12
I've attempted suicide so many times that now my liver and kidneys are severely damaged for life
I use alcohol as a form of self harm, alongside cutting and occasionally burning
I was sexually abused as a child by relatives, and raped when I was in care by my foster brother
Loneliness is a big thing for me, but I insist on isolating myself
I am so moody, it is unreal
I seem to tick everyones boxes at first, but before long they realise I'm not worth the effort, and leave
I was bullied in school a lot
I'm obese.. very much so.. and although I hate it, I have no motivation to change
I have black hair with bright red streaks in it
I take EVERYTHING personally and am a grudge-holder
I have bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, insomnia, attachment disorder and PTSD
I hate myself more than I thought possible
I have so many regrets, huge regrets, but the biggest is surviving my suicide attempts, though I have no idea how I managed that
I'm in love, but it is probably unrequited, and my anxiety and paranoia seem to increase 10 fold with this person
I used to be a nursery nurse
I'm going to America next month
I have my death planned
I am pretty sure I am boring you all

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I'm fairly boring if I'm honest, but I'll give this a go anyway.

I'm female.
I turn 21 in July and it scares the crap out of me.
I look, feel and sound about 15 years old.
I regret not having a proper social life in high school.
I make stupid impulse decisions and live to regret them horribly.
I'm a complete and utter bookworm - I read pretty much all of the time.
I'm also a huge movie nut. I love escaping into different worlds.
My ideal career would be either a movie director or script writer.
One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure, along with Glee.
Usually I prefer more serious TV shows like Dexter and Supernatural.
I have six cats that I love as if they were my own children.
My life goal is and always has been to get married and have 2-3 children.
I no longer have hope that I will ever achieve this goal.
I hate the way I look.
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