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  1. kindtosnails

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    i know life is wonderful and amazing and precious but this is not life. it is existing while going insane. why cant i just end it now why must there be all this fucking guilt? i wish no one cared about me and i wish i cared about no one. why can people not understand? if they knew what it was like surely they would why can i not explain it well enough. arghhh i just want them to say its ok they understand and i can go. just want all this to end and im sick of being thsi weak little wreck and a fucking burden.
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    Blue berry,
    you are loved beyond measure. The maker of the universe understands everything going on in your life and everything happens for a reason. We care about you, and many others. tell us more; p.m me if you wanna talk.
  3. kindtosnails

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    i dont want anyone to care. i know there are a few people who actually do give a shit maybe not here but there are and i wish more than anything they didnt. dont want to cause hurt but you know what fuck it ive caused enough being here as it is. cant stand it any longer. :sad: