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    The end of the movie will never ever come.
    I'm fattened, despaired, hopeless and numb.
    Only happy when i sacrifice,
    every gentle thought, every little life.
    All of them, lost causes, teasing.

    As though in an intensive care unit,
    they pump me with electric,
    wether the sponge is wet or dry.
    telling me its the only way to live.

    to love one another,
    respect the air we breath.
    I'm sorry heart, im sorry lover.
    But you dont pay me enough to breath.

    I love it when its dark,
    and there's no-one else but me.
    Away from the fictitous wheel
    born on our tv's
    the queen gave me an obe disembodiment

    ive consumed the world
    lost my girl
    had family breed and breed
    surrounded by smiles so distant from me

    beyond who i know, away from what i'm supposed to trust
    i have hope and meaning, alone at dusk
    i want it to be darker, number, contented loneliness
    feeling like i'm wearing a corpse
    I love it so much here
    it is who i am, all is clear, and interesting.

    I've witnessed many peoples, plan
    as badgers tell me that i'm on the wrong side of land
    they can't belive me when i trust them
    thats because I will never trust them
    they want me to die
    they say I'm going blind
    when in actual fact, all i do is witness their crimes, their lies, their twisted little minds
    Inheriting everything that they did, just bcause they want me to live in the same shit
    just to learn my way through this
    I know they don't want me alive, I know they want me beyond whats in this life
    well I don't want that, but they won't let me go
    I was born to tear them apart
    they really should keep their distance
    Ive seen so much adultery, death, murder, evil
    still you place me in a room and ask me to switch off
    all those things which make happy
    that you refuse to me, my life, my happiness.

    I will never fly with angels, I will never be a god
    Ive been everyones child, playcated and wrong
    you stand up there in fields of the virgins
    born into a bodyless world
    Ive seen many times over

    which keeps your world ticking over
    Im only getting worse, please let me go away.
    I will never come back,
    and haunt your perfect days.
    All that I ask, is i go my own, dark lonely way
    with my selfish little heart
    beating till the end of my days
    Im happier here, without my family
    In my mind, Im the answer to my problems
    when i dont care about yours
    I know Im the bad one
    who never fit in
    but Im so much more than what they say i am
    beyond the lights of the nest
    which to me is hatred manifest
    Yeah I lost, I know I gave up, my mind will never hear
    the catherine wheel of love, so just let me go
    Ive had enough
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