Let Me Help You (Leave Me Alone) Part 2

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Butterfly, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Butterfly

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    I know it's been a while since I posted part 1, life from the other angle.

    It’s gone seven in the morning
    But at home I wake up at ten
    I wish I could say
    “Leave me until later; I’ll want a wash then”.

    I only scream because when you move me it hurts
    I know you try your best
    I know you have others to wash
    But please be gentle when you put on my vest.

    I’m not scared of you my dear
    But you’re too close to my face
    When I was young my father would beat me
    And put me back in my place.

    I can smell that wretched breakfast
    I don’t fancy eating right now
    Don’t shove that spoon in my face
    But you don’t listen anyhow.

    I get upset and frustrated
    Because I am nothing but a shell
    You do your best to comfort me
    But this is my living hell

    I once was a telephonist
    I am a mother of three
    I’ve been married for sixty years
    But that’s not all there is to me

    I like writing and cooking
    I love a crossword or two
    But my passion is drawing
    If I could I would draw you

    I watch you rushing around
    You have other patients to see
    You are so kind and caring
    You really look after me

    I can feel my body tiring,
    Every joint of mine aches
    I didn’t mean to spit that medicine out,
    Please forgive me, my mistake.

    My entire body hurts
    I have really had enough
    I don’t want any more treatment
    Please take off that cuff!

    Don’t stick that needle in me
    Stop prodding and poking
    I’m tired and want to rest
    Get away from me, I really am not joking.

    At last I am comfortable
    With no one pestering me
    I cannot feel any more pain
    At last you finally see

    I begin to get very sleepy
    I know the end is near
    I just wish I wasn’t alone
    Loneliness is what I fear

    I see your bright, warm smile
    I am no longer scared
    I am now finally at peace
    To see someone really cared

    This is not how imagined,
    How my death would be
    But I feel so honoured
    You are here with me

    As I take my final breath
    I hear you begin to cry
    But I know you did your best
    You really did try

    You did more than you know
    You made sure I was peaceful
    And that I was well looked after
    And for that I am grateful

    I know I bit and hit you
    When you tried to feed me
    I wasn’t the nicest patient
    I know it wasn’t easy

    So now I thank you for all you’ve done
    I know my family will too
    You are an angel among the living
    I will watch over you.
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    :hug: Lexi :(
  3. lightbeam

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    :hug: You are doing the best you can, Lexi. Don't take things too hard.
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