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Let Me SLEEP!!!!

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OK I just want to fucking SLEEP! OK?? I get up every 4hrs of sleep and I get up in PAIN and I when I try to even GO TO sleep my back is KILLING me!! I need an actual fucking BED! Not some worn out couch hand-me-down from my grandparents! But I have no room for a fucking BED even IF I could get one!!

UGH.. I feel like all I can do right now is COMPLAIN! And It's not going to get me ANYWHERE!

I've had sleeping problems since age 12 and even then I had a BED! So now that I have this COUCH that don't help my back! Now it seems almost IMPOSSIBLE to sleep!! With the nightmares, back pains, and just CRAP! And my therapist keeps telling me I need to SLEEP MORE so I don't get paranoid and start having a lot more issues! HOW THE HELL CAN I??

Just now I even tried to make a bed on the FUCKING FLOOR but I just can't seem to get comfortable. UGH! I'm so tired!!

So I'm sorry for all the rants lately!! sigh...



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I have a bad case of GERD and I am sleeping on a foam medical wedge on an ancient couch. I gave up trying to sleep on my regular bed because of the wedge migrating all over the place. I tried sleeping on one of those portable gravity chairs- it is very compact, portable, excellent for my reflux and people with back problems swear by them.

I will be sleeping full time on the gravity chair (LaFuma brand) when I figure out how to secure one of those inflatable camping mattresses to it. Other than the air mattress shifting around it is incredibly comfortable and will address my reflux problem. Maybe something similar to this can help you? You didn't say you have reflux so the very comfortable air mattress would probably work well on a strong and compact military type aluminum frame cot.

Good luck, I have insomnia too- it's terrible.
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