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let`s talk about it

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I'm not here hoping that I would have second thoughts about what has already been decided, today is the day that I die.
I'm worried about those left behind, Does a goodbye note help at all ? I would like them to get over it as soon as possible...


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Hi and welcome, No one will help you with these issues here as this is not the intention of SF, however, we are very interested in what brought you to this point and how we can help let you know you are wanted here...often times, when one feels as you seem to, it is isolating and one feels so alone...sharing with us will show you that there are many ppl who understand and that you truly have a place to be here...welcome and please keep posting...J

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Why do you think anyone will get over it WE Do NOT GET OVER it okay we suffer for the rest of our life we live the the sadness the dispair the pain NO one gets over it and no letter will fix or take that away. Think okay before doing what you have planned you not only will take your life you will take everyone down with you that is the truth I hope you can reach out now and get the help there is to heal There IS help for you go to hospital call your doctor talk to your parents get t herapy get on meds but don't every think we heal the ones left behind never heal.
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