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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by raiki15, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. raiki15

    raiki15 Member

    Does someone know what's the general lethal dose of <Mod edit-methods>?
    If my question can't be answered because this isn't the kind of forum that Helps people die, then just don't bother answering at all.. don't start telling me about life and things like that, because I won't read anyway.. thanks
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  2. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    This forum's pro-life - no method sharing or anything like that..

    What's brought you here?
  3. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    <Mod edit: insulting>

    I was reading another post of yours, the one which says how you don't like the way you look, and the one which says about leaving high school and you having no hopes for the future. Why do you feel you have reached this dead end when there is so much living left to do ? You are still young right ? So if you do not know the future (as you mention in one of your posts) then how do you know things aren't going to get better for you ?
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  4. Daze&Confused

    Daze&Confused Antiquitie's Friend

    Sometimes people need to find their own path, i don't think name calling is helpful.
    Raiki if you need to talk, we're here, if not that's okay to.

    Take care.
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  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    This is a pro-life forum raiki. We're here to help you live, not to help you die.
  6. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    No but to mention that people have a choice is fact of life. We choose whether to live or die.
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  7. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    ''Don't bother answering.... !'' This person has asked not to be bombarded with pro - life stuff and trying to convince him otherwise to live! That's not what he has requested to hear.
    All I said was simply that the ball is in your court in that he has the chance to take 'control' over his life in deciding whether to live or die. Obviously I hope he doesn't choose to die, but the fact is that whatever we say to reiki to convince him otherwise, it's his choice, as reiki pointed out.
    I do like to take people seriously. And why shouldn't suicidal people be challenged? We are all human beings and need to have our thoughts and feelings challenged sometimes.

    Often suicidal people feel a 'loss' of control over their lives.
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  8. raiki15

    raiki15 Member

    I simply decided I don't want to live, I'm not crazy, and I've been thinking about it for a long time, I am aware of what it is to lose my life, and I don't see any bad in it. How can somebody regret that he died if he already Died? think about this..
    I asked not to be bombarded with pro-life things I won't listen to.. well I'm glad someone at least is reading this..
    Life's too risky, and I'm afraid of pain. "Zeroing" everything is the choice, to me, and that decision won't change. Too bad this forum isn't helpful the way I thought, but on the other hand it wouldn't be legally allowed if it did help people in dying..
  9. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Hi raiki15, good to have you post here again, how are you feeling ? I guess that's a sily question I can imagine you saying 'bloody awful'. Or maybe your sick and tired of people asking, I don't know...

    I don't think your crazy

    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    ODs never ever works!! my psychiatrist was telling me earlier that pharmaceutical groups made a consortium to make new anti depressants which were not harmful not at a lethal dose. in the 50s they were highly fatal, not anymore.. and those who pass away are mostly because of the mix <Mod Edit - methods> or repeated attempts or a state of mind which affects your body defenses.. other methods are way more fatal, thats these ones im contempling when im really feeling bad but, i dont know if that might sound crazy, its because i do know its going to work and when you ve done THE choice, you cannot turn back, that i dont attempt them..
    i sometimes take more meds to slow my brain and to get to sleep, not to kill myself
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  11. SoulRiser

    SoulRiser Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're not crazy. Life is pretty scary, and there's a lot of pain involved (especially if you're intelligent, unlike most people). I don't blame you. Society is totally screwed up and very few people ever use their brains to THINK about anything. They just blindly follow everyone else and try to conform. I don't want to have anything to do with that either... but instead of dying, I intend to fight it until the day I do die. But I'm annoyingly stubborn like that, so I'm not saying you have to be this way too :)

    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    I totally relate with you.
    I feel like these suicidial obsessions ( thats become an obsession for a few weeks now..geez) is just a really awful desease thats ruining your brain and ability to cope and think.
    what makes me scared as well is to see many people on this forum overdosing and overdosing ( although we all know its unlikely to work) just to "ease" the pain..what if you really die?
    I guess people who really are suicidial choose fatal methods ( im not going to quote, it will be banned) and come to this point after having thought about it so much. and one day, theres a fact or an event that just triggers them. I was so surprised to read in a scientific review ( my aunt is a psychiatrist) that those who actually contemplate suicide AND die have NOT attempted so much ( between 2 and 5 times for the 16-25 year old range).
    Guess it has to be seen with the method and the determination. but keeping overdosing is so dangerous because you might end up dead, which i dont think some people really want to ( but i might be wrong) as they talk about it as a simple fact in one evening although theres so much pain beyond that..
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