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Hi there,

First of all, I'd like to say that I have never been on a forum like this. Have been on multiple "different' ones, but this will be the first time that I actually "talk" about how I feel. I am a 21 year old male and was raised in the suburbs by loving parents.

I have everything to achieve and nothing to hold me back.
Yet I feel like a fucking failure.

There has been 1 girl that believed in me, that gave me her everything and was there for me unconditional. I cheated on her.

I had a job that was paying well and I had a beautiful future ahead of me. I quit and am now in debt, and have been the last 2 years.

My parents gave me all their support for everything I wanted to do. Now I'm stealing from their purse to feed my cigarrette and weed addictions that keep me from having to deal with my issues.

I am an insecure, stupid little boy that can't do shit right if my life depended on it.

I haven't cried in 2 years, yet these 2 years are the most shitty I've ever had.

Sigh...I wish I could actually find a way to word it like I feel, but there is just no way that I can express the exact feelings I feel.


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I am so sorry things have felt so awful for the last two years...is there something that has percipitated this? Please continue to post and tell us how you are...J


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I wish I had seen this post earlier. :(

Anyhow, I just wanted to drop in and say that it's nice to meet you, and that I feel for what you're going through. Wishing you all the best.....Mr. A

Oh, and welcome! :welcome:


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keep writing itainthardtotell....maybe that will help
I can hear a lot of pain and frustration there..
do you want to tell us more about what caused all this pain?
can I ask if you've had any therapy or talked to a doctor about how you're feeling?
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