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Let's make a list...

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Things worth living for, small pieces of beauty that makes it all a bit more bearable.

Please, please add something here.

I'll start.
I'd say - Writing,
- cigarettes

*this is all I can think of now, I'll add more soon, I hope


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Nice thread, Sais. I hope you are doing well. For me:

1) First and foremost, the desire to love and be loved.
2) My family and everyone I've gotten to know to different extents (including those I haven't stayed in touch with)
3) Music - I don't know what I'd do without it. I have to have it, it's like a drug of mine. I always need music playing.
4) Feelings that I can't explain.. the ones that make me feel good, even if just for seconds
5) Fear of doing wrong.. doing people wrong.. doing myself wrong... putting pain on others and myself..
6) Other people's opinions: so many believe life is worth living for.. once in a while, I question whether I can ever see "clearly" like they say I should be seeing if I were completely healthy


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- good books
- good movies
- friendship
- luxuries
- tasty foods
- peaceful sleep
- being at peace with yourself
- compassion


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Thank you all! Very nice to read all this.

I'll add Nature, the changing of seasons,
good books,
memories I have of a friend of mine
For me it would have to be the follow:

1. Nature
2. Music
3. My nephews and niece :) <----biggest reason
4. The hope that I'll do something better with my life than my parents/sibilings
5. My brother
6. Friends
7. Pens (I have a weird obsession, what can I say :D )
8. My cat - he actually has to be one of the biggest reason. I just love that little shit so much :laugh:

That's it so far but if I think of anymore I'll be posting again :P

Good thread btw :heart:


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my roses,

oh, How did I forgot!? - RAIN, I love rain, I would love if it could rain forever
and wind, storms, thunder
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1) Music, it's pretty much the only thing that keeps me going. Without it, I probably woulda said good bye years ago.

2) Pets.

...that's all...
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