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Lets play another game 😺

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I know ... but I think you can figure it out. It's about the patterns. Look carefully at all the patterns in the squares.


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I think I know it too, if I put it (what I think the answer is) in a spoiler tag will it be ok (won't ruin it for people?)
Please someone let me know as soon as you can cos I'm pretty sure I know what it is lol.
These are fun, ty for tagging me! :)


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Also, whats everyone doing today!
Kitty going to the picnic by the beach with family after voting 😸


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Nothing here really lol, just relaxing. I made cookies earlier though anyway :)
That's great you will be going for a picnic though kitty, I hope you have fun & also don't forget these kitty napkins & kitty blanket k? Lol ;)



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Yeah 😺 @JMG
I could have plan with 3 different people but luckily, everyones busy cause that picnic plan was an impromptu one.

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