Let's talk about hobbies that we love!

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  1. Neverender

    Neverender Active Member


    Tell me of your hobbies and the things you love :)

    I play guitar, write music, poetry, etc... I also love to tinker with all kinds of projects... electrical wiring, handyman repairs, and all sorts of little projects I can wrap my little perfectionist brain around. I went to school to be a mechanic, so I'm a total gearhead (oil in my blood!) and now since I've been in a really depressed rut lately I'm currently thinking about buying my first motorcycle so I can learn a new skill and have something fun I can go out in the world and do, and get my head wrapped around a new passion.

    What I want to know is.... What do my fellow SF'ers do that they are passionate about? It can be anything. Please feel free to tell me- do you collect watches? stamps? work on computers? knit/crochet? ANYTHING GOES!

    Humor me with a light-hearted and happy thread we can all have fun with :)

  2. Lazerous

    Lazerous Member

    I have a few hobbies, I'm really into computer stuff whether it be gaming,video editing or anything with computers i like, i also play guitar (i'm not very musically talented so i suck lol) i enjoy working out like running and stuff i've been doing jiu jitsu for about 5 or 6 years now i think and i'm just getting back into it after like a 2 or 3 month break, i wouldn't say i'm a gear head but i love classic cars my fave being the 1967 impala (yeah i'm a supernatural fanboy lol) and i really like working with my hands
  3. ThornThatNeverHeals

    ThornThatNeverHeals Well-Known Member

    I like to do things for and with animals. I love my cat, and try to gain her love, love my dog and try to "mother her", care for my horse in a herdly way, and am a chickenmama to my babies ive hatched in my incubator. I like making things for them, like a halter for my new lamb, or a lead for my horse, or a feeder and nest box for my hens. I love to write, draw and stuff like that. i like making things with wood. i like using my hands and being able to say "i did that" ya kno?

    oh and i also run alot... though its more of a stress reliever
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  4. letty

    letty Banned Member

    I love taking pictures of people, animals, plants, anything that catches my eye. I collect stamps , and I love going on road trips, I visited 30 states in 1year and have a collection of state magnets. I collect anything eagle. and I love to do puzzles. and i enjoy building things
  5. Descendant

    Descendant Account Closed

    Good thread Neverender. :)

    I like to go hiking/biking a lot with my dog, it's really the only thing that's kept me happy over the years. Anytime I get stressed or sad I just go out in the woods for a couple hours and watch Onyx chase deer haha.

    I also read a lot, mostly sci-fi or military books. I used to be a huge gamer but I realized that I was getting way too addicted to it and ignoring things that mattered much more, so I sold all my gear and don't regret it - I've been more productive since I got rid of all that stuff.

    I wish I had some mechanical skill like you though, saves a lot of money and it's very practical knowledge you can put to everyday use. You should go for it and get that motorcycle!
  6. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I collect postcards, keychains, magnets, pins, souvenirs, and lots of other stuff. I like going for long walks around nature trails, writing all sorts of things, reading, doing crossword puzzles, penpalling, and more. I want to try some new hobbies too. One that I had in mind was to start making jewelry. I think that could be fun, especially with the nice jewelry pieces I've seen. I might start journalling again too.
  7. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    reading. juggling (i'm not even kidding!). making music -- the old school way, not with a computer. walking. building things. fixing broken things. climbing things, mostly trees cause that's all there is to climb here. writing. sometimes gaming but not really.

    i used to draw a lot and photoshop things. i only ever photoshop for a purpose nowadays though. not for the heck of it.

    oh, but i do like taking photos.
  8. houseofcards

    houseofcards Well-Known Member

    reading, gardening, talking with people, knitting, cooking, not really sure what else I like to do :p
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