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lets try to understand

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by TheGuy, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. TheGuy

    TheGuy New Member

    I consider myself a smart man.I thought i got the life figured out, until i met this scary, scary thing... which i call depression.

    What is depression?

    I can find no definitive answer. Its just another thing like love or happiness for philosophers to scratch their heads over for all eternity. Gladly, we (the depressed people) are far more interested in how to get rid of it rather than what its nature is.

    How to get rid of it?

    When modern people face problems they cannot solve they rely on society for help. We have such a great institutions for dealing with crime, illness, disasters.Institutions that provide shelter, work, opportunities. But no institute of dealing with depression. Why? Maybe because each case of depression is different, and there is no standard solution. Maybe because for most people it goes away by itself, and those for which it doesn't are too few. Maybe system considers severely depressed as failures and not worthy to bother. Whatever the case, fact remains - saving the drowners is a job for drowners them selfs.

    All the people I've talked to about my condition fail to understand me, due to the simple fact that they have never experienced it. Surely everyone feel sad time after time, maybe even very sad but it went away every time. Some even live all their lives in very "bad" mood. But its no depression.How do i know? Ive been there, and i can clearly differ between blue mood and this Demon that got over me.


    Lets , for clarity sake go over some popular "answers".

    "Consult with the professional! Hell know what to do!"

    I had some experience with shrinks(had few sessions about depression), also i had a course on psychology in university and read some books. I came to the conclusion that they cant fix things, all they do is just talk and try some mystical stuff on you and some times it helps, some times it doesn't. No guarantees. If you go to a surgeon and say "My appendix hurts!" he will cut it out, if you go to dentist and say "Fix my teeth" he will fix them. but if you go to shrink and say "Im depressed, i wanna die!" he will just talk to you. No refunds. If it helps you - great. It didn't for me.

    "They will make you feel good, real good!"

    Some illness are solved with pills, some are not.I consider depression to be the problem of the mind, your conscience, your life. Pills dont fix those things. If i want a momentary relief i can have a smoke, drink some tea or eat chocolate, i dont need pills for that.

    Change your lifestyle
    "You wont get anywhere lying on the bed all day!"

    That one seems plausible.If a change of environment, job, habits cant change you then what can? Ive been doing this for a long time, looking for a place where depression wont find me. Trying doing different stuff hoping to fill me with joy that will compensate.And i didn't find it. I have no ideas where to look now. And it makes me even more lonely and scared.

    Conclusion being - theres is no simple answer. If you are still not convinced just think about those rich celebrities, man of power, wise artists who committed suicide over depression. They could have best shrinks, all the pills in the world, live anywhere doing anything.Why did they have to commit suicide then?

    The God
    (And by God i mean the Universe)

    Who gives a shit about God? Most of us dont. And theres is a reason for that, God being such an high,abstract concept that thinking about him wont affect our mundane lives much.All the thinking time devoted to where to go, what to do, what to say etc. But when you lay crippled by depression, feeling its grip on your soul what is there to think if not "Oh god why did you do this to me?Is it a challenge to overcome? Is it a punishment for a sin?or am i, just slowly dying." What is left for us, small stupid creatures, to do? Obey, and hope.

    This was an attempt to deliver my view on the issue, thanks for reading.
  2. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF, TheGuy.
  3. Matka

    Matka Member

    "looking for a place where depression wont find me". When I read this line it reminded me of someone running away and hiding from a bully. It sounds like your depression is a bully that won't leave you alone. When my brother bullies me I do one of two things: avoid him like the plague, which makes me feel more anxious or I stand up to him, even for just a few seconds, I feel better that I did. Face to face.

    My point here is instead of hiding from your depression, find a way to confront it and how it makes you feel. everyones depression is different, so there's no one answer fits all solution. but maybe confronting your depression and related feelings incrementally will eventually help you to stop hiding from those feelings. When I get depressed I sometimes think about a situation that makes me feel happy (real and imagined) and for a few minutes I find myself laughing at my thoughts. It's a bit like being an actor, I take on a happy character and play it out as long as I can. long term depression can become to familiar and safe over time so stepping out of that character for a short time, might lead to you stepping into a happier character(person) down the road.
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