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    Since this letter is long, I will simply post a link to it. Yes, I have already posted this on the other forum about a year ago. Also, despite the title of the thread, I am no longer interested in hacking. Initially, I did, but the last time I check evil thoughts aren't crimes. Anyways, please read the link thoroughly.

    And since this topic might cause a lot of confusion, I would like to add something else:
    1. I was too embarrassed to admit it then, but I didn't continue the ritual because I think something bad will happen. Actually, I do, but not really. What was the main reason was that I feel that I mmight as well continue doing these rituals since I have already invested a lot of emotion and time into these rituals already; yes, I am using the same faulty reasoning that a person with gambling problems used.
    2. I also was INITITALLY using the faulty reasoning of Pascal's Wager. The atheists here would know how faulty this reasoning is. I know about people observing things that are not really there. But the good things that happened to me does seem to be connected to the ritual. Anyways, I now know how bad the Pascal' Wager is, and no longer used it.
    3. In the letter, I said that I have garnered only one F's, with the other bad grades being C's and something like that (yes, C's are bad grades). That was before the letter was written (November 2009). In that same semester (Fall 2009) I have experienced a mental breakdown and garnered 2 more F's.
    4. Because of number 3, I have received an academic probation from one college, though, strangely, I could still take classes the next semester (Spring 2010) at another college. Have you ever heard of the statement "you must have tried very hard to fail Junior College"? Not that I'm thinking of it, but is this the good reason to commit suicide?
    5. As stated, I have already finished the ritual at around November 2009.
    The semester aftward (Spring 2010) was marked by good success, with grades no lower than B's.
    6. Still, I am pretty much screwed. I don't know whether or not academic probation, but I cannot sign up for classes this Fall. The reason given on the computer was that I haven't paid any fees, which is not related to academic probation. I was trying to go to college to talk with the adminstration, but was unable to for a reason that I'm not going to tell you. I am going to the college today to see if there are any seats available in the class that I want. And there are never enough seats for people who haven't signed up.
    7. A lot of teachers/professors who notices my Asperger usually hates me. This does not contradict what I said since a lot of teachers (who didn't notice) also likes me. Still, the ones who hates usually don't like me at all. A couple of them even said "you're going to screw up kid, and I'm going to laugh at that". And before anybody tries the cliche method of comforting me, note that these are multiple teachers/professors, so the "that one teacher was being abusive" argument flies completely out the window.
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    Hi hun, you are very intelligent. Life can be hard, but,you have many worthwhile things to accomplish in your life, and ways to find your happiness. You will one day benefit the world if you use your talent well. What seem painful and burdensome now, in time will vanish. This too will pass away. Stay strong.
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