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Letter to E. (read or not don't care...it's long)

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by ~PinkElephants~, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Dear E(no one here)
    You are a vile ****. You are a good for nothing bitch. I cannot believe you sometimes. All he wants is a happy home, for everyone to get along. With you here, with you even existing that will never happen. You've got a lot of nerve to talk so much shit to B when you know she's going to tell me. The shit you said...unforgivable. The fact that I have sat here, bending over backwards, trying to be nice to you has been proven to be pointless and worthless.

    I was nice enough the other day to take D. and your kids to Salem. I did that so you and him could have a day alone, with no kids, uninterrupted. I figured I'd be nice, alot of good that did. Fuck you E. Plain and simple, fuck you. I hope your lies come back to bite you in the ass, I hope your attitude, your childishness, your immaturity come back ten fold and he ditches your sorry, pathetic ass.

    So I'm a lazy bitch, am i? I'm a lazy bitch who spent the whole day cleaning the house, for him, not for you. Frankly you don't exist to me, you are just a whore buying time in this place. You were out of work for a whole week, what did you do to help? You did squat so you have alot of nerve even mentioning my name. You decided all week to go spend money on pointless shit for this house, this house that you keep saying you won't last in, instead of paying bills. You moved into this house so you and him could help each other out. What have you done for him lately? All you've done is make him spend money on shit we don't need, all the while you buy this and that to hang on the wall while he's worrying about bills and septic tanks and where's the money coming from. Some fuckin' help you are.

    You keep saying you don't want to stay here anymore. Well, there's the door...GO!! Take your shit, take your kids and fuckin' go. No one's keeping you here. As far as I'm concerned I'd help you pack. You keep saying this house is driving you crazy....then leave. I know you don't like me, frankly I don't like you. I'm 27 and I act more of an adult then you do and you are 44. You want to talk shit behind my back like a child, do it, but don't think that she wouldn't tell me. Don't think that she wouldn't talk to me because she's like a sister to me. Call me a lazy bitch, but at least when my dad needs help with the grunt work, I'm there. At least when he needs help digging holes for septic tanks I'm there. Whether you see it or not sweetheart, I'm his number one girl because I've been there through everything. I've been there through two operations, through divorce, through financial issues, during disasters....where the fuck were you? You were busy talkin shit, worrying about everyone but yourself and your failing relationship.

    Even though I do not have a job atm, I'm still helping my dad with shit. You, you are here for what. A free ride.

    Don't you dare utter my name or my nbrother's name out of your skanky lips. Do not talk negative about him or I because eventually my fist is gonna break your pretty little teeth. Instead of worrying about me or about my brother why not worry about your kids and how your 11 year old practically hates you. You should hear the shit she says to me..but hey in the end she's just like you...a trash talker, a bitch, a snob...you raised her classy E. Real fuckin' classy.

    FUCK YOU YOU FUCKIN' BITCH...and don't think that I won't knock in your teeth b/c if i hear my name uttered again from you..that's the result.

  2. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    ahh, hun, i feel so bad that you have to deal with E and her being like that. you are right, she is jus t there for a free ride as you say. :hug:
    i am not sure what else to say here, you said it better than i ever could if i was in your situation
    take care an d stay safe
    you know where i'm at if you wanna talk
  3. Trip the Dark fantastic

    Trip the Dark fantastic Well-Known Member

    That was quite an intimidating outburst...and I now know the purpose of the 'Let it all out' section. It would have been a frightening experience, to be on the receiving end of you expressing yourself in these terms. I just hope, you do feel better now.:unsure:

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  4. ShalenaM

    ShalenaM Well-Known Member

    Who is E?
  5. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    No one here.
  6. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I feel a "picking up your teeth with your broken arm" moment brewing:laugh:
    Get her Kells :mad:
  7. I'm sorry to hear things are so bad. Eventually E will get what's coming to her. I hope you feel better for having vented. Better in than out. There's nothing anyone can say except that i'll be thinking of you, whoever and wherever you are, and that i hope things get better.
  8. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    E is a cow. :dry:
  9. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Jess :mad::mad::mad: don't be insulting the moo :mad::mad::mad:

    She's the smelly green thing that pops out of the cow :laugh: