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    Hi you, well you have had some very bad luck in life..but you hanged in their and tried to do your best. You have faced some very bad and horrid situations that no one should have to go through, I'm sad at the fact of some of your stuff ups and life has been very cruel in many ways to you. But you are coming good you just need to keep your confidence and find a way of dealing with your past and of course I don't like this getting older business but theirs nothing we can do about that.

    hang in there kid, and try and find a female you can connect with and not scare her off this time..or one that won't go out with you because your car wasn't working..really that caused self confidence problems but I think we saved our self from wasting emotional energy on that one...although at least I would of gotten some sort of connection with a female out of it and I could of used the experience.


    your problems are;
    you need to meet 'the right people'
    you need to deal with your past

    I've been very proud of your progress though I just wish we didn't have to go through all that this in the first place and why did it have to happen to me...I can't believe my reality..a reality that I could do nothing much about.

    Also I like the fact that you didn't turn out weird or a pervert..but you do need to mingle with the ladies more....seriously....your still young and you'll be under 30 by the time you 'have things' sorted at least moderately good.
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    You have some very good thoughts to say to yourself. try to hang on to your positive outlook and know that, yes, you can do this. :hug:
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    I liked your letter. I liked that you are able to encourage yourself and say to yourself that you've done good. You seem to have good insight, i think that will come in handy :smile: You are coming good, and the girl that wouldn't go out with you because your car was broken was very much not worth your time and effort, and the connection you could have gotten would have been pretty rubbish anyway so don't worry about that. I like your goals. Best of luck with them, take care, SS
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    thanks, I think maybe I have aspergers like I posted in the aspergers thread.