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    Atmosphere, an insiders perspective.

    Too many staff members here are quick to jump in to blame other people for things not running the way they should. Yes, I am also occasionally on that side of things, but I will stand corrected if proven thus.

    It's been frequently noted that if someone is on Front of House/Main Hall split in an evening session, that unless the FOH person is in the hall just as the Big money XL link game is played at 7.30pm, there is some level of animosity towards whoever it is - because staff in the hall are adamant about going for a break in that time frame. They don't want to be patient and carry on with the job until it is possible, they even make their own tracks to get either the FOH or the Diner staff to get into the hall so they can have one. I find this absurd enough, as both the FOH and diner staff often start on the respective departments prior to that of the staff in the main hall. But I also understand that anyone who is in a shift length of over 4 hours is entitled to one*10 minute break.

    For me, when I am on booksales or treasury, I have also noticed how the attitude of staff is "I'll sort out a break first and second half of main event" - and far too many staff members like to either have two breaks in under 6 hours of work, or play on their phones instead of doing what is required. And when challenged, there are excuses made. (One most recent example, someone tried to make an excuse that involved me showing them something which was a blatant lie and the manager at the time saw through this.) This is going to end up with managers only being the ones to cover and those who do not smoke/do not over do their "breaks" - being forced into having no break/delayed break when it's not their fault. (Primarily, the nonsmokers do not take the mickey, and most of them if not all could work through a session without a break).

    A number of staff like to complain about certain managers because they do not like being told that they are doing wrong (even though the managers have the years of experience in the industry to be at the levels they are at, more senior roles etc, and would have an idea of what they should be seeing from their team assistants), and it's rather frustrating to hear this constant

    Also, some staff are too eager to want to learn everything instead of concentrating on where they should be - resulting in an example of me having a minor blowout because of the state of the Diner one particular afternoon (Fire door left open, sink full of washing up including sharp knives in dirty water and glassware - standard basic food hygiene wouldn't accommodate glass being washed inside a kitchen when there is a separate room for that very purpose available) - This example in question also threw up a couple of staff members both being off of the departments they were meant to be in - both were meant to be in diner, one was being shown how to do mainstage for the second half and the other called the last chance extra game. I was rather annoyed at that on a day that I stood in for a colleague being off sick (I doubled up treasury and cashier on that afternoon session, and was also treasury for the evening), to find that others were misusing their time by not being where they were rostered to be.

    Next thing I'd bring up is the amount of "shift swaps" that people are intent on partaking. For god's sake, we're meant to be adults of the calibre of understanding that the managers manage, and we work where we're asked to work. But there's the "I don't wanna do this, can I swap with so-and-so" - and it's beyond a joke in my eyes. No names need to be mentioned, it's 90% of the team. Cleaners and myself are the only certainties of people I can clarify who do not do the "swap" thing. I'm not overly convinced about the callers swapping most of the time either, as there are so few of us adept at doing so for both party extra and mainstage, but even they can swap between doing party/main from what their rota is.

    It's also rather displeasing to be part of a team where there's so much childish playground immaturity - moaning about each other in various guises, (ie, claiming that they do everything and someone else does nothing), or their attitude to others not being where they are rostered to be (ie, having a go at FOH staff member in front of customers who are signing up - not exactly going to be a pleasant welcome for the new members), while at the same time leaving where they are meant to be themselves - or speaking in a poor tone of voice at other team members demanding that other people "get in the hall" (I've had it at least once barked at me to get someone else into the hall just so people can have breaks).

    There's also a sense of "I will do what I want to do" from certain areas, irrespective of who is dealing with what part of what role. Cashiers are undermined by other staff "taking over" - and then left to pick up the pieces of variance hunting. Non-smokers are often left to fill in the gaps left by smokers who want to have more than their entitlement in breaks. Now and again the machine keys are left with booksales. Not usually an issue, but if it's twice within a shift that is of less than 6 hours of length it is not appropriate.

    I am only 4.5 months in to my employment and there are enough examples that make me want to walk back out to the unemployment market.

    And I write this as just a team assistant. No different to all but the management, yet even the management team are people. The cleaners/maintenance are also part of this team. No-one is more important because they do certain areas others do not.
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    Sorry your job has gotten to be such a point of frustration to you. I am not sure if you wanted feedback or if you were simply (as the forum says) wanting to Let it All Out. If you are considering actually sending this then I would say you are the best judge of whether it would be a good idea or not. In some environments it would be well received , in others it could get you labeled as a malcontent or troublemaker. It really depends on the attitude of the establishment and the individuals reading it. I will say in most environments, if it became common knowledge among your co-workers you sent it then you would not be winning any popularity contests any time soon, and it might well trickle down to the lower level managers the same attitude as it is in a way calling them out on their lack of management ability.

    While it is easy to say I do not work to be popular - it is work - there is a difference between not satisfied with the way things are going and completely untenable based on issues with co-workers. In some environments it may get you on the shortlist for a management job however that would likely be the minority of businesses.