Letter to the Lost

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    To Those that I love

    I know I may sometimes seem that I just don't care. Sometimes I laugh hysterically at things that no one else seems to find funny. I yell too loud sometimes, and talk to much sometimes. I know I'm a bit moody at times, that I'm a bit over the top occasionally. I know people wonder if my mind is fully together. I know they think I'm insane. I know sometimes I don't talk enough. That sometimes I stare off into space, too lost in my mind to grasp exactly what you're trying to tell me. I know I don't listen very well. I know I lie a little more then I should. I know how 'difficult' i can be sometimes, and how very much that frustrates you.

    I thank you.

    For simply putting up with me. For being there when I thought I was falling down. For being with me even though I'm sure I had given up on myself.

    The dearly departed still bring me to tears with every waking thought I have. The times I thought I would die from laughing so hard. The worry and fear bubbling in my stomach if I heard one of you was hurt. How I could tell you guys things I never would tell anyone else. Tell you things I never thought anyone would live to hear from my mouth. Secrets kept since childhood locked away in darkness.

    A skater, a writer, a photographer, a silent eagle, a joker, a lit fuse, and a gamer.

    You were my friends, and in death I still love you. Hate the decisions you made, but love the people who's minds made them.

    The living deserve just enough credit. They are those who kept me sane. Who keep me standing. Who need to be thanked. I'm a handful sometimes. I know it's true. I'm a child at heart, with a mind in the clouds.

    A pessimist, an actor, an artist, a helper, a genius, a listener, and a protector.

    I know I'll always care about you, whether we'll be together or not. In my dreams we are, but reality doesn't always unfold the same way.

    Thank. You. All.
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    This is such a touching, genuine expression...thank you for sharing...J