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So i have had enough with my brother and all the shit he's done to me for the past 5 years. For all that know whats going on here i wrote a letter tonight to give to him and this is it:

Dear Shaun

For five years I have held everything in, I have bit my tongue and I have walked away because of Dylan. I have walked away because I don’t want to upset Dylan and I don’t want to hurt him because he means the world to me. It stops today Shaun, me holding it back and burying everything down within until I explode STOPS. You are my flesh and blood and at this point I am growing to hate you. I hate when you call my phone to ask how Dylan is when you should know, I hate when you call my phone to tell me when you’ll be home because I don’t give a shit. I do everything for Dylan. I cook for him, I buy him food, I give him a bath and you come at me like I’m the bad person. Fuck you for that Shaun because you are not a fuckin’ father. You are a god damned sperm donor and all Dylan’s mother did was carry Dylan. You are just as bad as her if not worse. You are a sad and pathetic excuse and how dare you call yourself a good dad. You are not a father and until you grow the fuck up you will never be a father. You are 28 years old with a 6 year old son and he is going to grow up and resent you. You sit on your ass all day and play cards online, Dylan is constantly late for school ro he doesn’t go, I get him off the bus half the time. When do you see him Shaun? For what five minutes a day and then you run off to work, or to wherever you need to go. You don’t spend quality time with Dylan and when he grows up to hate you GOOD. It serves you fuckin’ right for neglecting him. If I didn’t give him a bath who would, not you that’s for damn sure. Who would feed Dylan if I didn’t buy food? Not you that’s for sure. Man you are racking up the points on being a good father…you are the best father in the world….not the sarcasm Shaun. Why don’t you explain to Dylan what probation is, or why two cops came and arrested you? Why don’t you explain to him where all your money goes because it doesn’t go to him? You are here physically Shaun, but you are a dead beat dad in my eyes. Why don’t you explain how you drive around on an unregistered car? Then when you get pulled over with Dylan in the car and they haul your ass a way you can explain to Dylan why you suck so bad as he’s taken into DCYF. You are a poor excuse for a father and when Dad takes away Dylan from you and takes custody of him Dylan will have the life he needs and deserves. He will be surrounded by people that love him and actually want him to thrive in life..as for you…you will never ever amount to what our father is. Dad has sacrificed everything for us and you disrespect him by smoking in his house, by leaving your room a shit hole, by having garbage thrown around your room, by not obeying his rules…you are a disgrace to Dad. You do nothing aroundt his house to help. You sit on your ass all day, sleep until 2 in the afternoon and then you expect me to be nice to you. Right, you expect me to give two shits when you call me because I don’t. I clearly have no patience for you anymore. I bail your ass out of jail and you thank me by being a total dick and today hanging up on me because I have every right to be pissed off at you. One simple request, to fill the wood rack because it’s fuckin cold out, I come home from work and it’s empty and you yell at me. FUCK YOU. I hate you for the 5 years of hell you have put me through and I WILL NOT put up with your shit anymore. This world does not revolve around you and the sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll grow the fuck up and act 28 not 12. I could go on for hours but I don’t have the patience nor the will to even bother b/c I know this will just be ignored like everything else.

Your adoring sister


The biggest loser ever to live.
Great to see you had the courage to write that letter but I wonder what will be his reaction to it? I know his behavior is not good and that he really needs to change but I'm not sure if sending this letter to him with an angry tone will help.
I mean, I can totally understand your anger, I'd be just as angry as you but I think you may need to hide it and have to approach him with a more calm tone (I know its really hard but I don't think antagonizing him will help any). :mellow:
ahh nk..but it's 5 years in the making. he's been so cruel and nasty to me that the tone fo that letter will still go in one ear and out hte other..he doesn't care about anyhting but himself....
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