Letters to Jeff (a way to let out anger on those we hate)

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    When I get angry and upset, I feel better writing letters to people I hate. The problem is, when people hurt me, I forgive them too easily, so I've never had a strong hate for someone. But now I have a solution.

    My director is the single most amazing woman you will ever meet in your life. She's never yelled or judged any of us (and we're so loud and crazy I don't see how that's possible), and she's just all around...perfect.

    So, she married this guy Jeff a few years ago, and now she's 8 months pregnant. Jeff has been in the adult summer shows a few years, and was a bit creepy, but whatever.

    In the last show we did, he sexually assaulted a cast member, and was hitting on a very good friend of mine, also in the show. The girl who was assaulted won't press charges as long as he stays away from our theatre group, and my friend can't press charges because he didn't do enough to her. Since then Jeff has moved out and is no longer in our lives, but there are rumors he may move back in.

    I love my director, and hurting her like that while she's carrying his child is just so horrible.

    I hate him more than anyone could hate a human being.

    So, I will be writing letters to Jeff whenever I get mad or upset. They'll probably say the same basic things, so reading through them will be pretty boring. If people want to, they can write letters to Jeff or their own "Jeff" on here.
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    Dear Jeff,
    You are lower than the scum of the earth, you are a horrible person in every sense of the word. Your beautiful wife deserves a king; you don't even deserve to die. You were always creepy and scary to all of us, but we accepted you anyway, and how do you repay us? You've destroyed the safety and joy of this theatre community, a community based on children. Your crime and sin disrespects all of us who trusted you.

    I stopped believing in God around the same time as I did Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but I hope there is a hell, only because the idea of you being trapped and burning in fire for eternity amuses me. You better not show your face around any of us again. But if you do decide to be that idiotic, you better hope to see someone else before me. Because if anyone else find you first, you'll simply die, but if I find you...

    Have you ever seen the movie Hard Candy, Jeff? With Ellen Page, that girl from Juno. If I get to you first, that's what will happen to you. If you haven't seen the movie, I'll spoil it for you, so you'll at least know what's going to happen if you decide to take that risk of coming near us again. In the movie, this girl, about 14, meets up with a man, I'm bad with ages, lets just say early 30s, whom she met online. They go back to his place, SHE drugs HIM, ties him up, castrates him, torments him for being a pedophile, and finally gets him to kill himself and she leaves to allow the love of his life to see his stash of child porn and a confession that he killed the girl's friend typed on his computer. It may be a little more complicated, but that's the basic plot. And that's what you can expect if I see you again, or if I find out you hurt any more of my friends or anything.

    You are the only person I can honestly say I hate with all my heart, soul, and mind. Fuck you Jeff.
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    Dear Jeff,
    I did not just see you in those baby pictures. Did you move in with her again? How dare you! My friend is already afraid enough that you'll come after her, but you HAVE to go back to living right across the street? And you are NOT being a part of that child's life. I don't care if you are the father. You are taking advantage of my director's emotions. She loves you too much to kick you out the door. But guess what. You are beyond hated by the rest of us, and I have no problem say stay the fuck out of that baby's life. He will have an amazing mother and perfect grandparents. He doesn't need an asshole like you to screw him up.
    Stay out of our lives. We tolerated you for long enough, but you made a choice a few months ago, and now you will face the consequences. You will be forever hated, and if you know whats good for you, you will be afraid. If I ever see you again, I WILL kill you. I have no problem going to jail for it. I would burn in hell for eternity if it meant you will suffer for the pain you've put all of us through. You must be a soulless creature, being able to walk right back into her life and act like nothing happened, like we're all okay now. No. You will not ruin anyone else's life anymore, especially not that innocent little boy.

    Fuck you Jeff