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    I'm the sort of person who keeps it all inside and doesn't say things to people when I really should. I need to get it out somewhere. None of this is about anyone on this site.

    R - You have no idea what you did to me do you? You knew how hurt I'd been in the past, you knew how hard it was for me to trust again. So why did you do that? I know what you did that night. In my bed. How could you? And then to disrespect me and my family like that. How stupid do you think I am? I haven't trusted anyone since then, I've kept myself distant from people. I don't even know if I can be open with anyone again. I've met someone who I truly care about but because of you I'm too terrified to tell her that she means everything to me. I'm too scared of feeling that pain again. I don't even hate you anymore, I feel nothing for you. And every second I think about you is wasted. So goodbye.

    E - I learned to hate myself from you, I learned to be scared. I still get afraid of being hit, there's a part of me that still thinks violence and being put down constantly is what love really is. You fucked me up but I wont stay that way, I refuse to let you win anymore. You don't have the power.

    S - I forgive you for what you did to that 6 year old child. You knew what you were doing, it was your fault. No matter what I think sometimes there was nothing I could've done.

    G - You're an amazing and beautiful person. You mean the world to me. I wish there was a way I could tell you what I feel for you. You've changed me for the better and I can never thank you enough for that. I love you, I really do. And I will do anything to keep you from pain, no matter how much pain it causes me.
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    I am glad you god it out of inside of you. It does help to write what your feeling it really does. Good for you for doing this and i hope you can continue to write out what you need to be heard. take care
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    Wanted you to know I read your post. I'm glad you were able to write things down; it's better than keeping everything inside.
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    :( Sad letters! I can relate on many levels. Can we all write letters here? I do think there's another thread for that actually...hmmm