Letting go. <Letter i need to write just ignore >>

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    Dear Pete,

    Thank you for the times we shared. You made me happy. You touched my heart. You made me cry. I know you don't feel for me the way i feel for you. You don't want me. I know i must let you go. I tried to hold on but i know thats not what you want. I hope you find what your looking for one day. I hope you find happiness.
    I won't see you again, i think thats for the best.
    You'll remain in my heart always.

  2. Stranger1

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    Had to respond Claire,
    Sounds like you really love him!! Give it some time.. The right guy for you will come along but right now you will have to greive for your loss.. I have been there so I know how much it hurts. In my case she got married not even six months after we split.. The guy she married is old enough to be her dad..