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Letting go.


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I'm not sure if there's another thread about this, but I went about 2 pages in and didn't find anything like it.

I'm in the process of letting go of an ex that broke up with me almost 5 months ago. I know it will benefit me if he's out of my life, but it seems like complete hell. I went about a week without talking to him which seems like ages to me, but gave in and called him crying, begging him to talk to me.

What seemed to be the hardest part of letting go? How long did it take? Did you find any advice from friends about it helpful? Is it better getting rid of them completely if it's difficult staying friends?

(I feel completely useless and can't ask anybody I know IRL because I was always the person my friends came to with their relationship problems since I was the most experienced when it came to problems. A 3 year long relationship starting at age 15 is usually unheard of over in these parts.)


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For me it was like a long drug withdrawal, and it took a dear friend to set me straight...I know how difficult it is, and I found the best advice for me was to work on myself, and he will not be as important...J
The hardest part of letting go is realizing you won't be sharing the same wonderful times anymore with that person. Some people take months to recover and let go, some have it scarred in their lives forever. Yes, it is best to completely erase them from your life if it's too difficult to be friends. If you try and stay friends, you'll only be hurting yourself more and more. The best way to let go, is focus on other things in life, hang out with friends, indulge in a hobby, etc.

But the most important thing, is talk to a friend. You will not believe how much better it'll be if you talk to a close friend. Don't be afraid to let it all out to them, it'll make you feel much better and they will be there for you.

I hope for the best of you.

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