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    i have body dysmorphic disorder. and for some reason two of my asshole classmates always feel the need to comment on my looks. they are "joking" and dont understand that i take what they say seriously. at first it was ok, but its enough now!!! and its not just my looks. if i say sthing wrong or in the wrong way they NEVER forget it. they can laugh at it for months.

    i already cant stand my looks, i always worry about it and spend hours in front of the mirror every morning just to get dressed and go to school. im getting more and more sad everytime they do that and now im nervous when i go to school because of what they will say about my looks. my hair is especially funny to talk about. i either look like princess lea, a kung fu person or like i have a hamster on my head.

    theyre not exactly the most handsome guys that ever walked on this planet but i just cant say anything bad back to them about their looks. i really cant say anything about anyones looks because its so sensitive to me.

    kgfnkhgnkgfjknhmfgkhjkmfkkfhkm, stupid guys.

    what should i do?
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    You can tell your teacher to talk to those guys about how you're being affected and that if they don't quit the comments, they'll receive a bad grade... (something like that).