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Letting jerks get me upset

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I don't know why I even talked to him. He comes over every week to see his dad... that much is reasonable. But then there's always some sort of confrontation with the jerk. He doesn't seem to be able to respect other people's opinions. We don't want him here. His dad is pretty immobile, so there isn't much choice. I suppose I could get out of the house while he's here. But I don't trust him. He's nosy and snoops around.

What an awful jerk.
My step-brother comes over every week to see his father and is a complete jerk. If only I had no contact with him at all! That doesn't seem possible. In any case, he's going to sit in the other room making noise all day. Part of the problem is my mother doesn't like him either, and she'll feel abandoned if I leave.
Noise: talking loud, playing guitar, just various irritating stuff... He's leaving now, he comes over once a week and spends the whole day. Thank god it's not more often.
Hi jsnow, sadly we all have to deal with people like this. It doesn’t make their attitude right.

Have you tried talking to him about his noise, attitude and all that? Sometimes people don’t know how their actions are affecting other people.
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