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  1. Ladybugaboo

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    It's not so much the emotional pain/distress that drives me towards the edge; but I have a hard time explaining just how much I simply despise this absolutely pointless existence -- like WTF?! :rant: Get me outta this stinkin' rat race, this cesspool I've come to know as life/earth/society -- dammit!! I could go on and on... instead I'll resort to action because it is a far better course to undertake rather than stagnation, hm. I am so tired of living, breathing, waking up day after day, trudging along to who-knows-where... Ah well. :poo:
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  2. Mozart

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    I understand your feelings though I hardly know any details of your situation. One can get into that state pretty quickly and then it seems there is no
    solution to anything. I feel like that sometimes too, ( quite so at the moment actually ) but I am always trying to drag myself out of it through focusing on something positive ,apart from the usual drudgery. In my case its music and books that keep me sane. Escapism,yes,but WTF not ? There are things in life we forget, nature,Art,
    friendship. They have the potential to carry us through that crap we are forced to deal with.
    Please try to see some light outside your dark perception,it is there,it is waiting for you to come towards it.
    Hope this doesn't sound stupid,but it comes from my heart and I hope you will get better soon.
  3. Ladybugaboo

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    'Ey thank you! Y'know... most of the time, nobody ever listens to what I got to say. Hell, they scoff at me then dismiss me... blah. There really is nothing I'd possibly want from life that would make me stay long enough to die a natural death, and I'm ok with that. I am myself...this is the way I was born to be, and I can't change that. Seriously though..... :help: