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    ive never really been someone to complain bout how i feel but i have to now. im tired of wishing i had someone to love me and be there for me maybe no one wants me because ive not a big chest or anything else but im tired of being alone. i want my dad sooooo much but hes never been there for me and it seems like he never will. he went before i was even born and it feels like hes dead but to me he might as well be because its obvious he doesnt care about me all he cares about is finding his next woman to get preganat and leave her in the shit. im tired of bottling this all up and im tired of being used and abused by my so called friends and family.
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    I feel the same way you do about relationships. Let me tell you that though the vast majority of men are pieces of shit fixated on things like your shape, not all are.

    I am sorry your father wasn't a part of your life, but perhaps it is better that he wasn't. He sounds like one of those men I mentioned :dry:

    Not bottling things up is definitely the way to go. Talk to random people here or find a trusted someone in person and tell them you need an ear to talk into. The next step is to actively stop the shitty people in your life from using and abusing you.
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    I am sorry to hear that your father left before you were born, that must be very painful for you. :sad: You are right, it is not healthy to bottle things up, and I hope posting helped at least a tiny bit. You should post more if it did. I am here to listen if you need an ear. :hug: