Lexi's Angry Email to the Local Council

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    As driving over potholes has broken my tracking and I almost had a bad car accident this morning due to the snow and ice, I decided to send my local council a very angry email about my being displeased about the service they are providing to their citizens. Laugh and agree as you feel necessary.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this email to express my extreme displeasure at the shocking state of the roads in Derbyshire. I am aware that I can report these potholes individually as and when I find them, but if I was to sit here and report all the potholes I have driven over for the past week I would still be here come next Tuesday. There are also not just potholes, but giant cracks in the road and I am sure if you sent somebody to inspect each individual road in the entirety of Derbyshire you would come across several potholes, cracks and sunken manholes. I am not sure how the council have let the roads get into such a poor state and it angers me that I have to pay so much money through council tax and road tax, yet all I get in return is damage to my car.

    It also baffles me as to why the council have put up a giant, black fence at Watchorn roundabout in Alfreton. Not only does it obscure drivers views who are appraoching the roundabout, but it also prevents drivers who are coming round the roundabout to see whether traffic is pulling out from the junction. It seems completely pointless to me and many other residents of Alfreton I have spoken to about it feel the same way. It is preventing the natural flow of traffic and is a complete waste of money. You could have fixed some potholes with the money you have wasted on such a pointless project.

    Thirdly, it has been all over the weather forecasts this weekend about impending snow hitting the country and the East Midlands, yet when I travelled to Chesterfield this morning none of the roads between Alfreton and Clay Cross had been gritted. I was unfortunate enough to hit some black ice this morning and very nearly had a severe accident. As it was, I managed to gain control of my vehicle and no damage was done. But at least 5 other vehicles had come off the road on the A61 this morning due to the snow and ice on the roads. It is a very busy route, yet the road was not gritted. Once again, you have failed in your duty to keep the roads in a drivable condition and keep the general public safe. Fortunately, God has invented something very useful called "The Sun" which has now melted most of the snow and ice this morning, with no thanks to the County Council.

    I am very displeased and I hope you improve yourself services to the general public because right now, you are failing miserable.

    Yours faithfullly,

    Alexandra ****
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    First of all, I'm so glad you weren't in an accident!! :hug:

    Lol and I love your letter! The situation makes me angry even though I don't live there, but the way you phrased what you had to say made me laugh!!
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    To be honest, it made me laugh writing it! I felt a lot better after ranting. I showed my dad the email and he was very proud. He was jealous that he did not conjur it up first!
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    Again Lexi - This is so cool! :D
    Thanks for the laugh!
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    I like it. Hopefully they will get their act together.
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    I loved the letter! Made me giggle while I was readin it.