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    A lady walked into a LEXUS dealership
    just to browse. Suddenly she spotted
    the most beautiful car that she had
    ever seen & walked over to inspect
    it. As she bent forward to feel
    the fine leather upholstery,
    an unexpected little fart
    Embarrassed, she anxiously looked
    around to see if anyone had noticed
    & hoped a salesperson hadn't been
    near. But, as she turned back,
    there , standing next to her,
    was a salesman.

    With a pleasant smile he greeted her,
    'Good day Madame. How may we
    help you t oday?

    Trying to maintain an air of sophistication &
    acting as though nothing had happened,
    she smiled back & asked, 'Sir, what is
    the price of this lovely vehicle?'

    Still smiling pleasantly, he replied,
    ' Madame, I'm very sorry to say
    that if you farted simply from
    touching it, you are going
    to shit when you hear
    the price.'​

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    If you read Consumer Reports, you'd know Infiniti is considered the gold standard as far as luxury imports-domestic luxury, big yawn.
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    haha nice
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