Liars, fakes, flakes!!

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  1. BriGuy

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    :wow: I am SO tired of being LIED to!!! It has happened ONCE AGAIN... right here on SF!! I won't mention him by name... but once again I have been FUCKED OVER!! I TRUSTED this person, SHARED with this person, BEFRIENDED this person... for MONTHS... and I find out that he LIED... FAKE... FLAKE... ALL over again! AND I even talked about this with him about this particular thing... having people LIE to me... and now I find out HE was doing it the WHOLE time! I am SO FUCKING HURT!! Not only was I lied to, but now I lost ANOTHER FRIEND... because I could NEVER TRUST him ever again! :cry:

    So to ALL of you... BEWARE! People PRETEND to care about you, to be your friend, when they are only LYING to you, USING you, VIOLATING you! And it is TOTALLY FUCKED! :WTF:

    So again, to all of you... there is someone on this board PRETENDING to be someone he is not... he uses FAKE pictures and tells you ALL kinds of LIES! WATCH out, and be careful what you say to people!

    To those of you that ARE my friends on here... I am still taking a break from reading and posting here on SF... but I NEEDED to VENT... and this was the best place to do so. Other than THIS PAINFUL setback... I am doing okay otherwise... not great, but getting by! Feel free to contact me by PM, MSN, Yahoo, email, anytime! To those that are my friends, thank you for your friendship and REAL support!

    To ALL the liars, fakes and flakes... GO TO HELL!
  2. Robin

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    I'd like to know the details pls if you have a chance :)
  3. mandyj101

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    hi briguy..
    sorry u had 2 meet some1 that wasnt telling the truth :hug:
    i dont understand how ppl can lie about things.. especially on a site like this..
    it really bugs me how some ppl can just deliver bull sheite after bull sheite..(excuse language)
    if u can tell robin who it was he can prehaps keep an eye on them? even ban i should think if they are proven 2 be not who they say they are..
    its not fair that ppl who are in a vunerable state of mind are taken advantage of..

    take care .. x
  4. WildCherry

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    I'm so sorry that happened to you!! Maybe it's something you could talk over with a member of staff to see if they can do anything? Otherwise, this person will keep hurting other people like they hurt you.
  5. Stranger1

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    Hey Bri, Take Robin up on his offer...He will take care of this individual..Also you can put this person on your ignore list so you don't have to hear from him again.. Take care!!
  6. Marshmallow

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    Right, i warned you once, DO NOT post things like that about other members. I have specifically told you things are being sorted out and frankly you are making things seem alot worse for yourself. Let us deal with it.

    This is your final warning.

    Do not call members out in publically. It will not be tolerated.
  7. BriGuy

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    I had NOT seen your reply to me BEFORE I reposted... I THOUGHT by Hamster's reply that it should not be under THAT thread... FINE... I am not happy, but I will NOT repost!
  8. BriGuy

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    Thank you to ALL who were my REAL friends. This whole situation has made me SICK... and I am TIRED of crying over it... and the person is being PRAISED for telling the truth... when they DIDN'T tell the truth... they were CAUGHT... there IS a difference!

    It is ONE thing to personally forgive someone and give them another chance... it is entirely DIFFERENT to publicly PRAISE someone for their DECEIT! That hurt me a great deal as well!

    So I am LEAVING SF... I posted my goodbyes in taking a break as well, wasn't sure where else to put it.

    Thanks to all who supported me! I can still be reached by email, yahoo and msn messenger, but after today, I will NOT reply to PM's!

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