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Licence Expired - Mobile App


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I attempted to access the mobile app on android this morning, but met a message saying licence expired. I force closed the app. tried again and same message. Not sure if its a problem on my end.
There was a thread a while ago saying that it would cost £500 to keep the app going, asking how many people use it. It seemed that most people use the web version so I guess it was allowed to expire. I’m going to miss the notifications on my phone. I have a watch which used to tap me when someone posted or I had a reply. It helped to keep me connected and feel less lonely. It’s a shame but I guess we’ll have to manually check the website now. Might have a sliver lining. It will force me to have to stay in the real world. Don’t particularly want to but perhaps I should be.
I e just been on the other thread and it says the license was purchased so all should be ok. Hopefully it’s just a glitch. I’m tempted to uninstall and then reinstall the app to see if that works. But notifications are still working and it will come back. 😊


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Thats why I was confused I am getting notifications. So I was wondering if something went down on my end. I am hoping it is just a blep with the app.

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