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  1. Kurai

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    How deep does one's mask run? I work at an internet cafe and am sometimes force to help people who have astounding ignorance and I must smile all the while. It has been noted by friends, customers and family alike that I am exceptionally friendly with my customers and as a bonus from this I get tips that would make even a barman jealous.

    When I'm helping any customer I am very friendly and I'm not aware of any act being put on, I'm genuinely feeling friendly and helpful but even so I tend to have a flood of guilt and selfdoubt at the end of the day. Am I putting on a mask for the customers and just getting wrapped up in it or am I just being friendly, am I pulling at their "camaradie gland" just because it works to get money? Is it a lie that has developed into a habit, or true friendliness? I can't really remember how I acted how I first acted when I first started working.

    Does anyone else have this uncertainty? This... Customer service guilt?
  2. total eclipse

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    I think when we are at work we become someone different that all We take on a more professional attitude which include being respectful and kind to our clients I think that person is not a mask but someone that developed into a new role that is my take anyways hun Outside my work i do absolutely no socializing no contact but at work i am a different person I bring joy to others i am useful there I don't think you use your postion to gain money i think you enjoy helping others and you do it well
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