Lies, after lies, after lies...

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  1. FrainBart

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    He makes me so uhappy, I want to cry whenever he talks to me, I can never believe what he says anymore. All he has ever done is lie. Can I believe that he loves me? Can I really believe that he cares? Why am I still with him?

    Anyone just please give me answers, please, because I want to believe that I am making the right decision to sacrifice my happiness for his. Just so he will always see his daughter. I cant do that to him.

    I know a lot would say love. Love is keeping us together, but there is none. I feel numb towards him.
  2. AsphyxiateOnWords

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    I think only you know the answer to you situation. Nobody here really knows your personality or your partner's. What does he lie about? I am in a relationship with an active heroin addict and he constantly lies about drugs and using, which I have learned to accept as a part of his disease. If you don't love him, though, I think you have your own answer.
  3. FrainBart

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    I know I should know the answers, but I dont. I keep questioning myself.
    He lies about money, he lies about drugs, (last year he went to meet a friend for a party, it wasnt. It was an all night rave where he did a bit of whatever came his way, he originally told me he only had some weed).

    I cant trust him but I cant put him through the hell of leaving him and him not seeing his daughter.
  4. Terry

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    I think you do know the answer and as to him not seeing his daughter, you leaving doesn't mean he can't still see her and be a part of her life.
    The big thing about seperating is to remember that your child has not chosen to seperate, so you both behave like adults, have visitation in place and make sure he sticks to what's agreed.
    You may find your child is happier because you will be happier, but she still needs to have contact with her father.