lies.... its all lies!!

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    We constantly tell ourselves lies..
    We always say that things are gonna get better but it doesn't and we hold on to every little good thing to strtch out our hope as far is it will go.
    There is no light at the end of the tunnel the tunnel has collapsed in on both ends and now you're stuck and the roof starts caving in on your head!!

    The truth is we lie to ourselves all day everyday! We lie to other people! We aren't okay we hide ourseleves we wear masks imfront of the people we love! My existence is nothing but a lie and mockery and maybe its about time I end it.

    When will people see the truth I am not okay!! I have been forced to tell myself that I am so much that I began to believe it but its all a lie. Even the... The cake is a lie
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    we tell ourselves we are ok so we begin to believe we are.
    i don t think you believe you are ok, no

    because if you believe, you begin facing and sorting problems
    it may feel like lies but eventually makes us face what is wrong and fix it in ways other than death
  3. I am also caught in the lies. Coming to the realization that thats what they are is the hardest part. The truth can be terrible but has to be faced.
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    I understand how you feel. It's hard to detangle yourself from the lie that you're fine. But we believe you when you say you're not okay. And I'm glad you can admit at least to yourself that you're not okay. Keep trying. I hope that one day you can say that you're okay, in that moment, and have it be the truth.
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    I've realized it all comes down to hope. You could lie to yourself to live one more day but If you've lost all hope, no one, not your therapist, not your spouse or relative will know what you're going through & feeling. They can only try, and its not enough. The only way out is trying to find hope. Things don't get better on their own.
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    Precisely - because it is impossible to find energy to make genuine effort that you believe is a complete waste of time and already have decided is not going to work. If the "fake it till you make it" route works (which is does for many people - just like being negative all the time influences the end result even fake positive does as well because then you have to at least make some effort to hide the fact that you do not feel "okay" ) then it is better and more useful thna not getting oput of bed at all which is all that is left if you acted "truthfully" on the way you felt.
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    Scream it, shout it, admit it !

    It is all lies !

    You !

    Them !

    You have no faith , no hope !

    Because you've been through all this mess and you saw it, you've been part of it !

    Lie, pretending, seducing, trying, failing, falling and then lying again.

    There's nothing outside because the world with begin with you.
    It might have collapsed because you're stuck into you.
    So you have to be larger to go further ...

    Do you understand what I mean ?

    You can start it like this.
    By letting it all out.

    So say it out loud ! It's okay ... it doesn't matter really.

    Does it ?