Lies, Lies, Lies

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    They said I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. What they didn't tell me was that I had to be smart, handsome and rich for that to be true. Now I'm smart but apparently not smart enough (at least for how the schools measure it), I'm not good looking enough and I'm broke and in debt.

    I wish I'd been told the truth, then I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up and now be stuck in a situation that there is no getting out of.

    I wish I'd been told that it is not who you are but rather who you know. And I know no one. I am the first person in my family to ever go to university and everything has pretty much gone wrong. I have no one that I can ask what to do so I make the choices on my own (usually the wrong one) and deal with the consequences. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to make these mistakes but of course I did.

    Everyone lies but this time their fucking lies will cost more than just hurt feelings and a lost of trust.
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    I know how you feel, sometimes people say "oh, you can be whatever you want to be" in order to cop out of giving any real advice! It's just another easy answer. The advice that I will give you is look at yourself and what you like to do. Never mind whether it is considered smart by other people, what do you like doing? Did you do the university course because it suited you?
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    At least you realized it at some point, even if you hadn't been told sooner.

    Sorry it feels like that :hug:

    Have some faith in yourself and your undertakings, if you can? You're the first person in your family to go to uni? That's an outstanding accomplishment right there. Realize the potential you have and there are more accomplishments to come.

    You've made mistakes, yeah. You've had to make choices on your own and they've been wrong. But that sows seeds of growth. You're doing better than many people.

    Cheesy as it sounds, use all the shit you've been through as a growth mechanism.

    Step back and look objectively. I doubt so much is lost that there's no room to fix it.

    The world's still out there and you're still around. That's all you need to make change. Dive into something that pleases you and make a way of your own.