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  1. Okay, i tell one lie, because i cant face the fucking truth and i'm the bad person, i get ignored, and everything, i mean c'mon im only fucking human, you cant expect me to be perfect, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES

    if i treated everyone how im getting treated for lying, i doubt there would be very few people i'd still be talking to!! but i'm a forgiving person, people lie for diferent reasons, and my reason was that it was too difficult for me to tell the truth!!

    what sort of reason gives someone the right to lie about being pregnant though? Or about a close one killing thierself? there just isnt a good enough reason to lie about those things, but still i forgave them,why cant you forgive me for this simple lie?


    how many times do i have to say it?? how many times before you either get sick of me or forgive me? i just want you to know im sorry, i shouldnt have lied in the first place but i just didnt want to tell you that it had happened, i didnt want to let you know what he done to me ..

    i dont know what else to say ..

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    You're right you are only human and people have to learn from their mistakes. If they didn't the world may be perfect but it would be filled with a lot of stupid people. You've done all you can. You lied, made a mistake, realized that you did and apoligized. You have done what you can. What others decide to do with that is their choosing. You can only hope that they forgive you. But while you're waiting, forgive yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself, besides you're only human. I'm sending this your way sounds like you could use one. But please give yourself one too!!!:hug: