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life after death, **may contain triggers**


Jay Jay from the UK
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Good morning,

Normally i tend to spend my time in the Mental Health Forum discussing all things MH related but today I wanted to touch on Death and life after death.

so a question i get asked a lot is "are you afraid of death" and my response is a simple "no" why should i be afraid of something that is a certainty, I am prepared and my order of service is in place, what people have to wear, music to be played and hymns etc. I am hoping thou it wont happen for some time though as i am still a bit young (41)

what i want to talk about is life after death... How many of you believe in life after death?? I am a spiritualist by religion so i believe that the soul does not die we go on to a higher earth plane where we get what is rightfully ours, we hear of many outer body experience's but is that just the mind resting out or is it life after death? I dont know.

I have had many readings done by many clairvoyants over the years and these are done by people that I have never met, don't know anything about me, my past or my life YET they reveal stuff about me that is so accurate and stuff about my past and present that they could possibly not know. Every time I choose a different medium i never go to the same person twice.

This confirms my belief that their is life after death and that our loved ones and our spirit guides are always with us, creating a path and a future for us.

I would be keen to hear other peoples thoughts on this and I hope this post isnt deleted by admin.

I am happy to discuss...



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i believe in god so of course i believe in heaven. am i afraid to die? a little concerned about the unknown but basically not afraid. i also believe that we may have some help sometimes. i died for a couple of minuets and didn't see any bright light or anything and don't remember anything from days in a coma. but i still believe in the spirit...mike

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