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Life Ain't worth it

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I'm not even sure why I'm writing. It's not like anything is really wrong but I'm not sure if life is worth living. My therapist sucks, he is retarded. I can't believe my parents pay him that much money for nothing. I really don't understand why he asks me these pointless questions. Another thing that has been on my mind, why is this world full of assholes. I consider myself a nice person but everyone around me seems to be in a bad mood, maybe it's just me. My only friend is about to move away and I'll be forced to hang out with these assholes, that I can't even consider friends anymore. I think this week has been the worse in a few months. I have a drug problem, I smoke to much weed but I don't want to stop. I just want people not to bother me about it. I love smoking weed, I guess when I'm high I don't worry about anything, but when I'm not everything seems to come into perspective. On an up note my dad has started to take some interest in what I'm doing, I'm not sure if he realized that I'm high almost 24/7 or if my therapist told him to be more caring. Personally I don't care. I haven't talked to my mom in about a month, I think she is ignoring my calls. If she wants to do that she can I don't care, I hope she's happy. One of my schools mates thinks I'm very suicidal and he contacted the school principle, now I'm on survalence at my school. The thing that bothers me the most is that I can't seem to keep things straight. I might be pressuring myself to much but I'm not sure what else to do. I just need to sit and figure out my life because I have no plans and I don't think I have a future.


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PyRok I'm not going to lecture you about anything,also no one walks in your shoes remember that.It's not easy with the therapist I understand as they see thing's from a different angle than we do,perhaps when our moods are a little more stable we're able to understand thing's a bit better.
I understand what you're saying in regards to people being arseholes,you probably feel let down by people and therefore understandably get very angry it's not your fault.Can I ask how long have you been smoking the weed for now?


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Don't hang out with assholes. If you dont like them, I don't see how you 'have' to hang out with them. Fuck em. Find your own friends that you like being around. Thats what a friend is anyway.
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