Life...and the point is?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by screwback, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. screwback

    screwback Member

    I'm having a problem coming to terms with life in general. Life in general seems utterly pointless to me, people may say that i am depressed, but am i? Maybe i am just asking questions about our existence that are thought of as taboo to even contemplate.
    Life just seems like one long struggle, the main aim being to survive as long as possible, in a place called hell... i mean earth. The vast majority of the general public go about their day to day life fueled by material wealth and self fulfillment, not giving any consideration to anybody but themselves.

    People are starving, dying and above all suffering prolonged torture in poor countries and it seems like we as a human race are doing nothing about it. On one hand i think myself lucky that i am in the position i am in at the minute,a roof over my head, food, and a lot of other privileges. And then on the other hand i look at life and just think 'what is this all about?'. Life just seems to have no purpose.

    All good things come to an end - relationships, happiness, health etc. Everything in life, however nice at the time it may seem, is only temporary.
    I've tried looking at various religions, but i really cant be convinced, maybe one of them is correct, i dunno. Life to me just seems cold, heartless, unforgiving and above all relentless.

    I've had some happy times in my life, sure, just like most people have, but deep down i am never happy. And i think this is due to the fact of life just making no damn sense! It's almost laughable, we are born, we suffer for an average of 67 years (depending where you live) and then die. When you die everything means nothing, and nothing will ultimately be your everything from that point onwards it seems.

    I just feel as though life has no purpose, which it probably hasn't to be honest. I really don't know if i can go on thinking this way for too long, nothing will ever make me happy. I feel so guilty as i am only 18 and have the rest of my life to 'look forward' to. God i feel so bad.

    Please if there is anybody else out there that feels like life is completely pointless then please respond. Thanks
  2. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    maybe there's a point in your post. your point is to ask 'what's the point?'

    have you ever been in love , have you enjoyed something because of how it tastes/feels- ie, have you appreciated your 5 senses?

    for me it's the simplest of things i live for and have lived for in the past. when i'm suffering i do get to the place where you are at and there is no point in going on.
  3. Remedy

    Remedy Chat & Forum Buddy

    We need to make our own point to live, find our own reasons to keep going. I asked them same Q to someone and he simply said 'the point is to survive'. This actually comforted me, as long as I get through each day I'm doing it right! Yes, there are many people dying and starving, it's a reminder to us that things could be a lot worse. All good things come to an end, but so do all bad things, so does everything eventually. Though I do feel the same as you, I'm willing to push through my twenties before I give up. I hope you'll try and do the same. :hug:
  4. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    there are people dying and starving around us too. maybe not in the most obvious ways but emotionally, especially when you see life the way it is described in the OP, it's a type of starvation.
  5. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I was exactly as you were at 18.
    Asking the questions, why and what for?
    I was an atheist. From there I got into conspiracy theories. No one gave a shit about anyone else and there was war and I wanted to know why.
    From there I got into spirituality. From there I've found my own answers about life, and still searching.
    But you've got to start the search, although everyone winds up with different conclusions. Most bury those questions down deep and live a life of distraction, but a person can never be satisfied with distractions from those questions. They need to be explored.
    Explore it. Even through your depression. :heart:
  6. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Exact same feelings from about age 9 to 18. Joined a fraternity. Had the best times of my life, in certain respects, from about age 18 to 35 and although I'm bi-polar and suffered more as I've gotten older, there are still many things which are enjoyable to me. Reading a great book, museums, watching my nieces and nephews grow up...and many more. It's still quite unbearable at times which is why I'm at this site, but I think you should give it a bit more time.
  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    Bit of a random quote but I like it...

    "Henry Edward Crampton spent fifty years, from 1906 to his death in 1956, quietly studying a genus of land snails called Partula in Polynesia. Over and over, year after year, Crampton measured to the tiniest degree - to eight decimal places - the whorls and arcs and gentle curves of numberless Partula" - Bill Bryson, (a short history of nearly everything)
  8. donnie

    donnie Member

    Mate…I couldnt have said how I feel about life any better! Same over here. :sad:
  9. Colourful

    Colourful Well-Known Member

    I feel the exact same way. It just seems all so very pointless to me.
    Thought I was the only one.
    I don't see the point in anything.
  10. christine1114

    christine1114 Member

    I take life one day at a time. Because if I start thinking about the future it terrifies the hell out of me. I end up on the chair bunch up with a blanket staring into obivion. I try not thinking.. I KNOW it is the cheap way out. But my anti depression medicine can only do so much. am on paxil. If it was for that little pill I know I wold be a lot worse. Just one day at a time. Or am terrified.
  11. darkrider

    darkrider Well-Known Member

    There is no point. I don't know why people even ask the question. Think of the life cycle of a goldfish.. was there any point to that? Only difference with us is we have 'intelligence' (maybe a curse).
  12. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    I often struggle with this ultimate existential question myself. As far as I'm concerned, there is no real answer to it, at least universally.

    Life is ultimately about living: its about the experiences. Warmth, happiness, comfort, love, friendship, music, food...everything, big and small. Without the embrace of the world around us, life is essentially meaningless.

    But that's just my take on it.
  13. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-Known Member

    I feel exactly the way you do and my way of coping is by trying to find things that I can control, kind of like that serenity prayer that goes something like 'give me the strength to change what I can, accept what I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference' (the actual quote is much more poetic).

    Suicide is a very hard thing to do and as much as I want it, I can't really know if I can actually do that--there is that whole biological survival instinct to contend with that defies our actual thoughts. While I'm stuck suffering, I try to grab good stuff where I can, and of course that is hard, but it is how I bide my time.
  14. Crue-K

    Crue-K Well-Known Member

    When you take life too seriously you start to wonder what the point of it all is. Then when you wonder what the point is in life, you will fall into the trap of thinking there actually is one. When you finally think there is a point, you finally realise there is no point. And what point is there in living like that? Instead of searching for the point in life, you should just skip to the punchlines
  15. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-Known Member

    You remind me of a Joseph Campbell quote:

    Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.

    - Joseph Campbell
  16. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    In my opinion Life is meaningless until you give it meaning.

    No one can write your story except you.
    Eh but I suck at writing...... and my story has no pictures.
  17. What is life why are we here? its something man cant answer if we could then what would be the purpose of living. We can never
    have all the answers wheres the fun?
    we spend our lives trying, yet we dont find out if we won til we die. If you believe in having a soul what happens when u die, does
    how you live your life affect what happens to you.
    Life is fundementally a seies of events that shapes you its a journey you are put on,whatever happens question everything thats human
    nature, people might not always have the answers: Truth is only human opinion.
    We spend our lives seeking acceptance and love, but how can we expect love when we cant love ourselves our our bodies.
    maybe thats just something fundementally wrong with me, maybe i dont want to accept how i look who i am, but its what defines us
    as humans. Your body is just a shell that is carrying you on a journey from this life to the next, its better to have a healthy soul then
    a healthy body. or is that an oxymoron?
    I dont know the answers i wish i did, sometimes my thoughts are to dangerous to write:mellow::sad:
  18. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-Known Member

    Maybe we don't get to choose between having healthy body or soul. Maybe they are too interconnected where if one gets sick, the other sickens.
  19. no no no and er i dont know:unsure:
    Someone tried to teach me once (when i was having issues eating) that getting yourself healthy in your body helps your mind it goes something like this:

    You eat/do something bad you feel you have to punish yourself
    (whether this be cutting/throwing up what you ate)

    You do something nice eat something healthy/cheer a friend up
    (these are only examples(
    then you feel good for a while, almost a naturel high

    In theroy this can work if you put your mind to it, i always try and do one good thing a day, unfortunatly i i have gotten in the mindset that it doesnt make me feel better, but maybe deep in your soul if you look hard theres something there that makes you do the good. As for the bad i dont know:sad:
  20. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-Known Member

    You are so right about what you say. Also think about this, when you are feeling good about yourself, isn't it much easier to eat properly? When I feel OK, I don't worry about food, fat, control problems, any of that, so something as simple as eating is easier, there isn't so much stress about it. Also, if you have the right nutrients in your body and you are dizzy, malnourished, and even perhaps high from starvation, the chemicals in your brain work better and you think more clearly.

    Doing loving things for friends feels really good and I cling to those moments of feeling good, but maybe what we both need to work on is getting the same good feelings for doing something loving to ourselves. I mean, it's just plain wrong to want to punish ourselves for being human and wanting to eat something that tastes good! Sometimes I treat myself like I'm so really horrible person, just for something as lame as gaining weight--how is that something so bad where we deserve to be cut--it's not like murder or stealing? If we have a pet dog and we treat that pet the way we treat ourselves, we'd go to jail for animal cruelty!! How dare you eat the french fries, you bad dog, cut, cut...that would be horrible!
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