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    Haven't been around for a while - mostly cause life's been going pretty good, but today I realized that I've done absolutely nothing in the twenty years of my life in this world. I guess I knew it all along, but I've been listening to a lot of Irish folk music lately so I was sort of into the whole "not going anywhere cause I'm happy right where I am mentality."

    I was looking at some photos of friends from Uni online and how I'm not with them anymore, it just makes me sad. None of my friends in my home-town will ever share the same feelings I had with my college friends. I miss the closeness and comeradery. I miss the late nights and the cigarrettes - the times we spent walking around campus at all hours of the night. I dont' have money to return and I probably never will, so now I'm at a community college and I fear that they will forget about me. Its just a pathetic situation all around.

    I stopped cutting for a few months, but this funk is just so depressing. I usually have a cigarrette if I start feeling depressed, it didn't help this time. I can only think of pain right now.

    I've got a presentation on existential literature due tomorrow and I haven't even begun working on it. Its 12:30 and I'm very, very worried. I've got no one to talk to, and the counselor I've been talking with seems to only want money, he's very impersonal. I can't wait until morning.
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    Well, that's what we're here for. Us. The Forum.

    For insomniacs. For procrastinators. For everyone.

    It seems that people have bouts of funks. Life is good...n' then BAM all of a sudden reminscing makes everything seem crappy again.

    If this funk is affecting your studies, remember that if all else fails assignments aren't going to be the end of the world. You. Come. First.

    School second.

    Especially, if (like me) you're nearing towards the end of this semester. Everything is a little funky.

    Chin up. If the therapist isn't working come to us. We like to talk.
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    I feel the same when I talk to or see photos of my friends..cos I had to move away from them last year. Now I dont have friends. And it sucks.
    Seriously you are ONLY 20, you're still a baby. You have so much time to do whatever you want.
    I think you're feeling down because of your work load. I get that way too. But you can't let one assignment and all the procrastinating let old memories return. You have to get on top of them before they all start flowing back and they'll get a whole lot worse. Good luck with it though.
    If you ever need to talk add me to msn or PM :)
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    Hey Pills, just wanted to wish you good luck today, I hope you managed to get the work done ok in the end but if not and you are feeling a bit sensitive at the end of the day, am available to talk.
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    I'm glad you're back, but if you ever need to talk please know you are always welcome to PM me or add me to MSN. :hug: