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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by The_Guard, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. The_Guard

    The_Guard Well-Known Member

    I was just curious, how has everyone's life changed? I was thinking about this a lot tonight, while i was at a event with my unit,
    over the past year?
    6 months?
    3 months?
    1 month?
    1 week?
    since yesterday??

    I will start.

    About a year ago, i was single, living in the barracks, miserable, depressed, drinking every night, just because...
    a little over 6 months ago is when my whole life flipped fact, 7 months ago to be more precise.
    may 23, i got married, to the one person who has never let me down. She takes great care of me, and makes me whole. she restored me as a man.
    3 months ago, (sept-oct) my life changed again, as i got promoted, and started taking on a more of a "leadership" role in the military.
    1 month ago, i started to get a lot more active in trying to completely cure my "depression"...ive been so happy, it kind of was temporarily cured, but then this season started coming around, and around this time i lost a lot of loved it really kicked up, but I've started going to counseling, and they are going to put me on medication.
    1 week ago, i got really happy, because thats when it became official that i was going to be able to go home to see family for the first time in a while.
    since yesterday, nothing has really changed to much,

    so, how has your life changed in these times? Curious to see what the responses are, plus i feel it help's us to see where we are in life. I have my up's and down's, some day's i feel really bad, and like i just want to give up, other day's i am great, and on top of my life.
  2. Chronny Depp

    Chronny Depp Member

    Last year I was attempting suicide and in a whirl of self-pity

    6 months ago I got an amazing computer that allowed me to play with my friend even when he was too sick to leave his house (I was very happy I got to hear from him more than once every 2 weeks)

    3 months ago I became friends again with those who had shunned me and ditched me to die last year, and my social life got better

    1 month ago I lost contact with a friend that wanted to commit suicide and am afraid I lost her. I do miss her...

    Since last week I've been watching Red Vs. Blue and can't stop laughing (I can't believe what I've been missing)

    Yesterday I watched an anime my friend wanted me to watch and it is awesome!

    Stay on top of your life! ^^ Stay Strong!
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