Life dosn't make any sense to me.

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  1. RPA

    RPA New Member

    First of all, sorry for my sucky english, I hope you can understand.
    Now, let me start with my problem:
    I don't know why, but I'm always thinking. You might say "What is wrong with that? that's actually pretty good" but it's not when you start to think the sense of being alive. What are we living for? Is there any reason to keep on going? I mean, we are going to die anyways. Some of you might say "Hey, but even if you die you can leave a mark on this world, that's the meaning of life!" that explanation keept me from killing myself, but the I started to think about the rest of the world, and not just me. If I leave a mark on this world, it will eventually fade. Think of all the people who made something awesome on the antiquity but it eventually got forgotten. It will eventually happen to me, my girfriend, and if I have kids, it will happen to them too.
    It just doesn't make sense. We just keep on reproducing just to extend the inevitable. Even if we reach space age before the planet explodes, we are eventually going to die. I even tried to think about an alien race finding our planet, and even if we are all dead, they will find some stuf and we will not be forgotten. But still! Think about that alien race, they will die too! and we will be lost forever. All this years of investigation, discoveries, and everything else lost forever.
    And before you say that we might end up living forever. That's totally untrue and even more scarier than death itself. First of all, nothing can be there forever and second, I think being trapped on this life forever is probably worser than death. Think about it! Living forever with all the problems we have in life...

    TL;DR: I think life doesn't make sense because we'll die anyway and I think living forever is worser than death.
  2. JmpMster

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    Fortunately , living forever is not a problem any human has ever been faced with.

    I do not think your thoughts are bad nor really unique, it is common for people to want to find great meaning and apply some philosophical reason behind existence. The problem is, even if you were to discover the true meaning and the answer, it would not change things. Much like using the internet- you can spend a few days reading and studying so you understand how it works and why it works with all of the technical limitations and possibilities, but doing so will not significantly enhance the user experience.

    I believe the same thing can be said of life- knowing why will not enhance the user experience so if you want a better user experience instead of asking why perhaps put the time and effort into doing things that do make the experience better. If things are good and you are happy, then suddenly why does not matter at all.
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  3. janeann

    janeann New Member

    Hey :) sorry if i am not helpful at all.
    Sorry that you feel like this, i know its hard. I've asked myself quite similar questions and i agree that it might seem that life doesnt make much sense, but i am just going to annoy you with my opinion right now ^^ even if life does not make sense, you can still try to enjoy it :) there is so much to see, so much to learn. You could change the lives of a few people, even if it wont last forever, it could change their lives and maybe inspire them to change somone elses live and so on :) even if nothing will last forever it could last many, mqny centuries and change a lot. Many people are still remembered today and even if they are not, their lifes changed something.
    Please don't kill yourself i know the way you feel is horrible but try to hold on, try to give life your own meaning. People care for you and would be devestated if you died. Maybe life does have a greater meaning, maybe you will be the first one to find it ;) maybe not, but who knows :) sorry if i wasnt helpful
  4. lonel

    lonel Account Closed

    hi RPA welcome :)
  5. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    Hi RPA, pleased to meet you and so glad to know you're enquiring mind is grappling with the big why questions........ there has been a similar thread here recently :"What are humans for" started by jimk - you might find that of interest.
    We're all born with the desire to know the deep inner meaning of things, so of course thinking about them is essential! I totally promise you that there is a wonderful reason we are alive, despite all the negativity all around and within. I have to go now, but hope that you do stay and keep posting :)
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