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Life - had to vent

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the other guy

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Quite often lately, i wonder if life is worth living.
Over the last many years, I’ve had jobs, where I worked many hours than come home and eat, then sleep and back to work.
After many years of doing such long hours, I have health problems and the government says basically screw yourself. What kinda crap is that?

So is there a point to life?

You work, sleep, eat, spend money u don’t have. Most people have a mortgage, credit cards, vehicle payments, and they think there doing good.
Why have all those payments, I rent cause its easier, dont have to worry about repairs to the house (apt). Payments payments, and more payments.

So is there meaning to life? it cant be just to work, sleep, eat. It just seems so stupid.
At least if i was an animal with a smaller brain, this wouldnt bother me.
They just live and dont have to worry about much.

Sounds better to me.


The biggest loser ever to live.
Totally agree with you as well. Man, I wish I could be an animal or think less, just breeze through, sometimes thinking too much is bad. What is the point of my pathetic life? Sigh.......how do so many people just breeze by so happy and worryfree?
Life is what you make it. How about go do something after you get home from work, on the weekends. Something you enjoy. I wish you all the best.
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