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    It's finally come to pass. I'm never going to graduate college. Go directly to a barely-mediocre life, do not pass go, do not collect any kind of good salary. It sucks. I had just figured out what I wanted and now its never going to happen. Smart enough to be able to do what I want, if not for calculus; just too stupid and mathematically illiterate to pass it. Failed so badly three times that I dropped out to save my GPA. No way I'm taking it a 4th time. As it's required for what I want, that means I'm out.

    Sucks worse because of the horrible college I was basically forced to go to. Had I been allowed to choose, I would have gone out of state to a good college (I'm in the US, by the way). My sister was allowed to, I wasn't. The terrible college I chose was the best option of the few my choices were limited to. The department that's supposed to help students, believe it or not, did nothing more than reply to my email with a 'we sympathize with your situation and wish you the best of luck.' That was really the final straw.

    My parents say I have to have some degree, but there's really nothing for me other than the one I can't obtain as it's the one I want. I refuse to waste my time getting some degree I do not want.
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    Hi Alaskan Ice,

    I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma. Have you tried getting ''grinds'', maybe you call them something different in the US, like one on one tutoring of maths? My eldest sister never got into college because she failed math, she just couldn't do it. I myself dropped out of school young due to bullying but am getting back into education in september which should open some routes for me to travel down. Is there really nothing else at all that you would like to do? I hope you will be okay and please keep us updated!
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    Hello AlaskanIce, what kind of major do you take in college?
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    I went to college and graduated. My sister went to college and graduated. They never amounted to anything. College is not the only thing that defines the entire person of who you are. College is just a very small portion of a bigger person you really are inside with many other talents than just Calculus or drilling yourself to endless studies by a college professor. From what I understand, Job is your goal. You hope to get a degree to get a better job, but honestly, I had a degree that brought me nothing but college debt. I had to scrape from the bottom as if I did not have a degree, starting off with temp jobs and worked on networking. Since you are in college, you can take advantage of internships. Look at Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who never graduated. They found a job and stuck with it.
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    I tried that :(

    My third and final attempt, I had two tutors. Still failed so badly.
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    The job I want, well technically the salary I want, requires professional schooling. Pharmacy. Even if I get all the requirements to be accepted, I can't go. My parents decreed that my sister alone was worth sending out of state for an education. I was not even considering an in-state university until I was told that I had to. She's a schoolteacher, earning $40k (US dollars). I could be earning 2.5-3x what she's earning. But I'm not worth giving a good education, and now going elsewhere for school is not an option.
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    Well, I *was* going to get a BA (bachelor of arts) in economics and use the BA for the pharmacy school. One I had contacted said that as long as I have a bachelors in any subject, all basic classes/general education classes would be excused for me. But I have no major and cannot continue pursuing it.
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    My interests are unfortunately very limited. I want to make 'big bucks' so that alone knocks out a lot of options. Some that are heavy in math are out too. Pharmacy only requires Calculus 1, so I thought I could tough it through. I can't. No other options really. Part of the problem is that I didn't choose my university. I had my options limited to inside the state by my parents. I "chose" the one I attended because as crappy as it was, it was the less crappy choice of the ones given to me. I've been nothing but miserable since 2009 and this calculus thing is the final straw. I'm so very unwilling to continue at this university so must now call myself a college dropout. Nothing left for me. I'm never going to amount to anything or make any kind of even decent wages. I hate it, but oh well.
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    You can go to any school you choose. While perhaps your parents will not pay for it you can choose to take student loans like the vast majority do and attend any university you wish. If parents will not pay or help with the "Expected family contribution" you will be allowed to take additional private education loans. While I personally doubt that in most degree areas (excepting Law where there are several standouts schools for corporate law firms) which university you attend will be a huge difference 5 years after graduating (name helps to some extent on interviews for first job, and some placement offices are better than others, after that is not a big deal). So far as the calculus issue, I have no answers except perhaps try to take it in a summer class by itself so there are no other classes to distract you. Since you are taking calculus still , you must be working on your undergrad degree so can still if figure out that issue attend the school of your choice for the pharmacy degree and training as a post graduate degree and getting the requirements at a lower cost is a common plan utilized by many for the simple economics of it.

    So far as careers in general- I hope you do figure out a way to get your first choice career , but in the end , it is a job. Wanting a career you can make a decent living in is of course a good idea, but that covers many fields. I am sorry for your sister if she is working someplace making $40k a year, in upstate NY m wife is a teacher in public schools with a salary of $72k for 183 days of work a year which is actually pretty well paid in my opinion. Adding summer school she earns and extra $9k/ year and still has far more holiday than most jobs. My point is not at all what my wife does however nor what she earns or that your sister is in the best field- -- The point is that there are many opportunities in different parts of the US and in many different career fields. Some investigation into other things may find some different results than what you are expecting. Presuming there is no other field that you could do to get a reasonable salary (as you pointed out it was a salary issue actually anyway) and have good to excellent prospects of getting a job may be a mistake. Because things do not go exactly as planned or because other people do not support you as you would want them to does not change your most important resource. Your most important resource is you so please do not sell it short.
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    I agree that
    I want to tell you my story:
    After I finish my high school, I planned on attending college. As an ordinary student at high school, I got good grade by study hard.
    Unlike me, my brother is smart. He got scholarship and move into another country. Honestly I'm a little bit envy of him. I also tried to get the scholarship by following his path, but my effort was useless. I failed, although my parents supported me by put me into an extra course (tutor) for scholarship test preparation.
    I wish I can have the same intelligence as my brother. Then I'm starting to hate myself. But this is make me crazy. It make me angry when I was told to behave like my brother. Of course I cannot; he has good life, while I am dump.

    A long long time many things happen, and I realized that I must stop hating myself. And start to forgive myself for not being a smart person. That forgiving was hard, even until now.
    :angel1: Hope you get inspired.
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    Most billionaires in the world are either college dropouts or didnt go at all. They just had an idea and skills to make it reality. The founder of Facebook is one of the biggest dropouts of all time. He couldve finished his degree at Harvard, but he started a lucrative business instead.

    It may be helpful to figure out what it is you actually want to do, instead of just "big bucks". Any ideas or things youre good at that people would pay to use?
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    Thank you for the response NYJumpMaster, unfortunately I tried taking only Calculus the final attempt, during a regular 16 week semester and with the two tutors too. Still failed. The summer course is only 10 weeks, so if I fail three times in a 16 week course, my chances of passing in a shorter period is nil. I honestly cannot go out of state. I had housing issues last fall so my grandma, bless her, bought me a condo. I have to work to pay off the mortgage and the bills so really cannot leave. Otherwise I would have left. She paid a considerable amount of the condo too, so the mortgage is low. But must be paid. There's not too many careers I can do. Pharmacy requires little math outside of calculus, the math included is just formulas for which we have the numbers to plug in. Other careers that pay as much as pharmacy require more math or worse (for me) - people skills. I'm not manager material.

    @mismad: the worst part is, I'm just as smart as my sister. We both graduated high school with honors. But the rug was yanked out from under me in 2009 when I was looking at colleges while my sister got the magic rug from Aladdin.
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    I know, they were smart and had mad skills. I don't. I don't have anything that I want to do, so I have to focus on what I can do. The choices are limited there, but at least it's more than what I want to do. I'm just not good at anything and didn't do anything growing up outside of school.