Life in perpetuity

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  1. Deleted SKU

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    The sun lights up another day,
    The shadows cast by the trees,
    Just brush across me as I lay,
    As branches shudder in the breeze.
    Its cold caress makes leaves fall,
    They dance and spin in nature's breath,
    While songbirds sing their morning call,
    And pirouette down to their death.
    Their fate as mine lays in the earth,
    To slowly decompose away,
    The birds voices sing of nature's worth.
    The leaves that begin to decay,
    And feed the ground on which they rest,
    This eternal wheel of life,
    To which we're cursed but also blessed.
    An end to love, and end to strife.
    The sun sets on another day,
    It's fire flares then fades to embers.
    In nighttime's dark demense I lay.
    My body rests, my mind remembers,
    Twisted tales of times departed.
    Its sadistic cuts I wish would numb.
    The nightly ritual of pain has started,
    I cry and wait for dawn to come.
  2. total eclipse

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    YOur words i love how you use them hun but so sad a picture they depict hugs
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