Life in Reality

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Let me tell you something about life in reality.
Reality is boring. It's long. Let's compare life to a manga or anime (if you don't know what it is, then you don't know what's really good). Imagine one of those mangas about an unlucky boy, who knows a girl, etc. and they are happy ever after in the end of it all.
In life, there's no plot. It's you who decide what happens (and you don't got many to decide anyway, because you always have to pay a price for a 'good life') so you never feel that 'this was made to happen / I was made to live with her'.
Let's compare a bit more.
In the anime, you see the things that have meaning to the plot. You won't find a movie/game/manga where something happens just because it happened. It happened because it had something to do with the main plot of the story. And you only see these important happenings. Now, in life, you live every second of it (excluding when you're sleeping and don't dream). And whatever happens, it has no sense at all, because there's no plot that it changes. It happened, so what? It doesn't change your life. And even if there's a very important happening, don't forget that it didn't change your whole life. Your life could have been totally different. You can always change it.
Life in reality is so boring, because there's no slo-mo, there's no alternative cameras showing what's happening, and most of all, there's no music that fits the situation. If you get used to music in movies and anime, you'll notice that whatever happens in the real life, without music, seems so... blank, and pointless.
Even when our biggest wish comes true, we still live on, live for more years... pointlessly! Because everything in life gets boring after a while, and you constantly have to search for something better. Isn't this sick?
And, most of all, the biggest difference ever: compare those cute anime girls with the reality and tell me... what would you choose if you could?...
When I look at an expression in the face of a real girl, it's so... blank that I think it's faked! Actually, because I, myself, fake all my expressions (I'll get to that later), I think everybody around does the same.
Now I'll say something that will probably make you not want to reply to this thread: I recently discovered that I was always selfish and never cared for anybody. And don't tell me everybody's a bit selfish: I'm 100%. My only reason for living is pleasure, but life has many pain and I guess it's not worth the effort, when you consider all I said before about reality.
I really don't care for anybody; if there was an atomic bomb to explode after I died, that would kill every person on the planet, I wouldn't care a tiny bit.
Like I said, reality completely sucks. There are those things called drugs, extasy's and marijuana's effects sound really promising. But of course we have our built-in fear and we won't try it until they say it's completely safe.
I'd like to share with everybody how I think death is. I think saying this will help fight the fear of dying in many people, so try to understand me:
Imagine a night, when you slept, and had no dreams at all. You don't remember anything from that night, do you? You don't remember feeling the time pass slowly, you don't remeber feeling anything because your brain wasn't receiving impulses from your body. You weren't dreaming either, so it means your brain was paused. Why not consider death equal to that? If you do, you can say that a night like that is equal to being dead. After you die, you can be sure there will be only nothing, you won't feel anything, you won't think anything, whether it's good or not. Really, dying is choosing the natural way out of any problem. You just have to put in your head everything bad I said about the reality, because it was all true!
Come on, we all know reality sucks! It's too limited with logic: in your dreams things happen that you can't later explain because they're unlogical, therefore - more interesting. Life is boring... You can be happy but you know it will wear off after some time...
Do tell me what you think about my perspectives.


Thats the whole point of anime or whatever * To create a world better than reality * Where everything is better, more fulfilling, more exciting and less painful * People created it to fill a void in their own lives * That's why it exists * Also, everyone dreams * Every night * Most of the time they don't remember it * Everyone can make their life, their reality, better if they really try * It's when people sit back and say "okay, thats it I tried once and failed so it's over" that makes things worse * I have failed so many times but I am determined to get to my goal and no one and nothing is going to stop me * You need a goal * A real one * To focus on and strive towards *What do you want? Where do you want to go?

Lady Byron

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How exactly do you know what death feels like?? I want to know, but I don't want to know at the same time. You said something about having fake expressions or something like that, that is so totally me. I fake everything (expression-wise). No one knows how I truly feel on the inside. But anyways, life isn't always so boring. Well, actually... it usually sucks so never mind. So yeah, I guess I agree with you on some things. Like the anime stuff. Anime Rocks!!! Ciao...


The biggest loser ever to live.
I dunno what to say. I can very easily tell you are very much so a Japanophile/otaku of course.
Ah, I've grown sick of Japanese animation and now am starting to love American animation all over again, but thats just me.


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Anime fan eh? Sweet... but I agree reality is boring and pointless. But that is why people put drama in their lives... once their lives become to mundame and boring they spice it up with an affair or a child... because they don't want to face the simple fact that reality sucks.

The truth is that life and death are not too different....
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