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Life in ruins after failed suicide attempt

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I xxxxxxxxx and ended up with a missing lower right limb 3 years ago.I still cannot adjust to my new status as "Disabled" and I have more to be depressed about than I did originally!
I just cannot come to terms with what I have done and I feel so lonely and hopeless. I am so ashamed of what I did - and I suppose it would help if I did not beat myself up and remember that I am suffering from an illness.
I have lost all enthusiasm for life and I sit at home everyday and hide from the world. I need help!


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Right! first off stop beating yourself up, whats' done is done.

Now on a more positive note, are you having treatment for the depression?
If not, go see your doctor immediately.
While there, discuss how hard you are finding it to come to terms with the loss of the limb.
I think some counselling would help here.

On the topic of the lost limb, have you had a prothesis fitted?
This will make you look and feel as you did before the loss and will enable you to walk normally (maybe a slight limp but nothing noticeable).

As you said you need help and as hard as it is when you are depressed to reach out, you absolutely must get the wheels in motion.
You've made a start here, now go get medical help, some counselling and remember you are not alone. :hug: If the going gets tough we're here to help you keep going.


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I'm sorry to hear you are struggling..I agree you should see your doctor and get referred to a pdoc..Getting help is possible..I hope you get help..
Hi Rosedevlin,
I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. Please do not beat yourself up. Your attempt failed for a reason, nature kept you alive for a purpose. What has happened can not be turned back, but your attitude towards it can be changed. Your disability does not have to be a reminder of pain and depression. It can serve as an image of survival, strength and overcoming; making you more worthy than anyone else.
I agree with Terry on getting a prosthesis fitted. You should also consult a psychiatrist.
If you went outside as you are, I am certain no one would think you unworthy. Everyone would be sympathetic and compassionate, and even if they knew of the story behind your disability, it would only offer more empathy. Losing your lower right limb should not stop you from living. I highly suggest you check out Lena Maria Klingvall at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8TSsyUqqr8&feature=related She is a successful singer, Olympic gold medalist, and artist. But, she has no arms, and survives on only one and half a leg.
I am certain things will turn out better for you and I am glad you came on this site for help. Keep us posted, PM me any time. Take Care :hugtackles: :hug: :hugtackles:
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